The best ways to boost your child’s concentration
and focus

Many parents around the world wonder how to improve their kids’ concentration and how to optimize the way in which they focus on a certain task or subject. There are many ways to help your child improve their concentration skills and boost their attention span. In this article, we expect to give you some ideas and input to help make this happen.

Don’t worry, improving your child’s concentration is easier than you think, and getting this done is mainly related to their interests, goals, and greatest internal motivation. When you understand what your kid likes and how your children prefer learning, their concentration skills will increase considerably.

There are many mind-blowing tips to improve a child’s concentration, and many of them are strongly connected to the concept of gamified learning and to the constant incorporation of engaging and fun elements to their learning processes. For example, and we’ll explain this further in the upcoming paragraphs, playing games like Uno, Memory, or even a puzzle, can begin an exciting process of natural concentration skills that will definitely help your child.

Something that also works for adults, is creating dynamic to-do lists that can make your children feel as if they are achieving small and specific goals progressively, and that feeling of success and achievement will, later-on, improve their concentration and focus. Dividing big tasks into small ones will definitely help your child, and in the upcoming article, you will understand how to do this, and why it works so well.

If you are constantly struggling to find ways to improve the concentration and focus of your children, we hope to be a light of hope in that search, and provide you with practical and insightful ideas to actually help your child and take their concentration skills and attention to the next level. That is our goal.

Doing this will help your children not only at their schools, but also at home, and in any activity they decide to do in their free time. Having strong and developed concentration skills will open thousands of doors for them both in the present, and when getting into the workforce in the future.  Regardless of what they decide to do with their lives, incorporating fun, educational, and engaging activities in your daily routine that can help your children increase their attention span will always be a plus.

Another extracurricular activity that can doubtlessly help is coding. Allowing your kids to create their very own apps, games, and software, will enable them to experience education, STEM, and coding from a totally different perspective. They will want to be focused in order to turn their dreams and ideas into breathtaking (and very technological) realities. Hands-on learning and educational paradigms like Montessori, work and strongly believe in these basic insights and points of view, and the results… are outstanding.

Now, is it really important for your children to work on their concentration skills? How do they increase their attention span? What are some tips for them to actually concentrate at home and during school? All the answers you are looking for are here.

Are my child’s concentration skills important?

The answer is simple and unconditional: yes. We live in a world where most of us will be replaced by robots in the near future, therefore, we must develop and strengthen skills that only humans have. 21st-century skills are fundamental to guarantee a brighter success for our kids in the near future. Working on their analytical thinking skills, their ability to solve problems, their teamwork and creativity, and especially their concentration skills will enable them to do things faster and better than their peers.

Being able to pay attention to a certain something for a long period of time, will allow your kids to strengthen their critical thinking abilities, and to fully comprehend what is going on in order to offer a solution or a new way to look at things that will fit and work.

Improving your child’s concentration is a must when assuring your kids to decide on a life path that is relevant and bright. Regardless of what your kids decide to do, in all industries, fields, and areas of work and research, concentration and attention are just essential. At some point or another, sooner or later, your kids will have to concentrate on an idea they have to either make this world a better place or simply, to have fun for a while.

If you want your kids to achieve success in whatever they decide to do, being able to focus, increasing their attention span, and working on their concentration skills are a few great things to begin with. How do we do this? Well, there are several things that have proven to work amazingly well.

How do I increase my child’s attention span?

According to recent research done by educators, there are several ways to increase your child’s attention span. Many of these ways might sound so obvious, that sometimes we as parents forget to put them into practice. That being said, increasing your child’s attention span can be very easy, even easier than what you thought.

Encouraging genuine attention. Give them reasons!

The main thing you have to do is give your kids a reason to pay attention, don’t assume they’ll understand why they have to do so, and don’t expect from them to understand from the very beginning why paying attention is so important. Talk to your children, understand them, comprehend their motivation, interests and goals, and explain to them in a creative and engaging way, why they have to pay attention for a longer period of time than usual. When kids understand and agree with the reasons behind your many requests, their response tends to be better and more positive. Give it a try!

Adapting and adjusting the tasks

Another thing you can do is to adjust the task. Sometimes, as we mentioned before, breaking a big and long task into a number of smaller ones makes it easier for your children (and maybe even for yourself) to successfully complete it. Also, take into consideration your child’s own needs and personality; their attention span might develop at a different pace depending on personal abilities or backgrounds. You know your children! You know how to adjust tasks to make them more appealing and exciting for them… and as we said before, that is the main secret ingredient of this formula: if your kids love what they are currently doing, they will pay attention for a longer time.

Gamified elements

Elements of gamified learning can always help. Just like in many situations of your parenting life, make the development of their concentration skills a game that’ll help your kid. Incorporate elements from the gamified learning theories, create a relaxed space where they can express themselves, consider the mistakes that will appear as simple learning experiences and enable them to choose a specific path within the big picture. Feeling like they have the control to decide on a path to walk down, will encourage them to be more focused and concentrate.

Distractions are forbidden

No Instagram or TikTok, distractions are allowed. Another one of the things your kids need to do when exercising their concentration skills is not to be distracted. As a parent, you can prepare the environment for this to happen in a more natural way. Be careful! ‘No distractions’ doesn’t mean that the space has to be boring and colorless, but instead, a space that constantly invites your kids to learn more and better, without losing focus. We know, it sounds like a hard thing to do, but when actually doing it… it is not that much of a challenge (at least for parents).

Best tips to help parents increase their children’s concentration

There are many practical ways in which you can increase your child’s concentration. Some of these ways might surprise you, since you may never have thought of them as educational tools. We ask you to open your mind and to let yourself be surprised.

As a mother or a father, we always want the best for our kids, and we are always looking for new tools to stimulate them to think differently. When working on your child’s attention span, there are things you most likely have at home that can help you (and them) strengthen their concentration skills.

Video games

Yes, even if you worry about your kids’ screen time, video games can definitely help them increase their attention span and focus. If your kids can spend hours playing Fortnite (or any other video game), that is an excellent sign! It means they can indeed focus in the same way when developing their very own app, when researching something for school, or when working on a project that will generate a positive impact in the local community. Playing video games will not only help your child with concentration skills, but it can even give them abilities that any leader needs. How can we make them focus on the same level when talking about something that isn’t that cool or interesting for them? Well, just as we said before, adjust the task, prepare the environment, and make it interesting for them. Believe us, it is doable!


Believe it or not. LEGO can help. Building exciting things with the amazing LEGO pieces, has proven itself to help kids increase their attention span, creativity, and concentration skills. And it goes even further! LEGO are not only the tiny pieces all parents have stepped on during a Sunday morning, your children can learn how to program their own virtual robots using an online model of the LEGO Mindstorms EV3, can you imagine?! Your kid will concentrate while learning how to program robots or how to build breathtaking structures. Cool, isn’t it?

The concentration game at home

You don’t need any board games for this one. Just invent some crazy tasks and create a family competition. Whoever completes the task in the least time wins. Now, the task doesn’t have to be something that’s easy to do, no sir! The task has to be hard and it has to require at least an hour from all competitors to be fully finished. When in the environment of a competition, your kids will feel the need to focus in order to achieve the task and win the game… and of course, doing these kinds of games on a weekly or monthly basis at home will definitely strengthen your children’s concentration skills.

As we mentioned before, board games, puzzles, and other things can also help. The good news is, their concentration skills will also boost their results at school, and not only be more focused at home. Success is just around the corner, so start implementing a few of the things we suggested here if you truly want to help your child.

Coding can help. Give your kids the gift of coding!

At the very beginning of this article we mentioned coding, and we are here mentioning it again. Learning how to program will help your children gain several 21st-century skills, strengthen their creativity, work on their teamwork abilities, develop their critical & analytical thinking, and beyond all of these, increase their attention span and take their concentration skills to the next level.

When we talked about a safe, encouraging, and fun environment to learn we were serious. In the online, live coding courses offered by Tekkie Uni your children will learn how to code (and how to focus) in a space that will encourage them to reach the best version of themselves while creating something outstanding they’ll truly love.

Give your children the present of coding today, and witness how amazing their concentration skills will be, sooner than later. Now, it is up to you!


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