Chess and a wiser future:
An interview with Daniel Juli

Chess is amazing. This ancient game has been shaping the minds of the greatest thought leaders of our world for centuries. Those who play chess know how to think ahead, plan strategically, and organize their further movements with exact precision.

Many times in the past we’ve mentioned this game as a great example for kids to practice and strengthen their strategic thinking ability and to improve both their memory and concentration.

Chess teaches our children in a way that is fun, engaging, and enjoyable for them. At Tekkie Uni, we are strong advocates of adding gamified elements to education so learners can deeply enjoy the process without focusing primarily and only on the final result.

We decide to interview Mr. Daniel Juli. Juli has been playing chess for almost 30 years and has been teaching it to both kids and adults with an extraordinary methodology for longer than a decade. Daniel Juli tells us many hidden aspects of the process of learning how to play chess and reveals that his love for this game is entirely related to his very own family tree.

Because chess is way more than just an excellent way to build the greatest minds of the future, in this interview you will learn an intimate side of it that might leave you speechless.

Daniel Juli: “Chess can help brain development, creativity, and decision making”

Daniel Juli is one of the best instructors we have at Tekkie Uni. From the chess course he leads, he inspires kids to reach their full potential while acquiring skills and having fun with a game their great-grandmothers might have played.

In the paragraphs below, Mr. Juli answers five seemingly simple, yet quite complex questions in an inspiring and compelling way.

Who introduced you to chess and at what age you played your first match?
My grandfather. Yes, my grandfather introduced me to the world of chess when I was just 6 or 7 years old. He taught me the very basics and every single time we saw each other we used to play chess for a little while.

What are the main benefits playing chess can bring to both boys and girls?
According to my beliefs, the main benefits playing chess can bring to both boys and girls is primarily focused on brain development. On the other hand, we also have both creativity and decision-making. That being said, what I’d like to highlight is that kids learn from a very young age that they can learn from their mistakes, and keep going on. Just as it happens on a chessboard, it will happen in their lives.

Which other abilities can kids strengthen while playing chess?
Exercising our brains is fundamental for a healthy lifestyle. Both little kids and adults must find an activity that helps them do so. At a certain – and very early – age, kids learn how to make decisions in a very dynamic way, therefore, they should also learn how to take responsibility for their actions and to see consequences in front of them. Chess is magical since kids learn all of this (and much more) while playing and having fun.

What inspires you to teach? Why is it important for you that new generations learn how to play chess?
My personal motivation is to take out the biggest profit and avail from our intellectual capacity. All of us have a specific potential, and chess – as I see it – is the ultimate available tool to reach our highest potential.

Why is strategic thinking important and why do you think children should strengthen it?
Strategic thinking is essential to improve our game and tactics. Without a plan for the long-term, we won’t know how to proceed in the game. Kids don’t make plans for the future when they are just in the learning stage; but with time, children begin to understand and comprehend that without an execution plan for the future, they will never win a game. We strengthen our strategic thinking and our level within chess by playing lots of games. That is exactly why, every time a kid loses a game we analyze all the factors to then keep on playing with a clear understanding of what exactly happened.

Strategic thinking is just around the corner. Let your kids learn chess!

Chess is a great game that your kids will truly enjoy learning. Just as chess can help them develop some very useful 21st-century skills, coding also appears as the ultimate option for our children to become future-ready, regardless of the career path they choose for themselves.

In the live and online coding courses offered by Tekkie Uni, your children will learn in a phenomenal learning environment that mistakes are nothing more than just learning experiences, and through the ongoing motivation of some well-trained instructors, they will also be able to see how their great ideas become existing games, apps, or videos.

What are you waiting for? Give your children the tools they need for the future, today. Believe us, they will madly appreciate it.


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