Code All Around: Everyday Items That Use Coding

After you read this short, yet very interesting, article you might feel like some sort of Neo, who just took the red pill from Morpheus. Yes, after reading these few paragraphs and seeing the examples you’ll open your eyes to a reality where almost everything has been coded or programmed.

The most exciting part is that your children are part of a generation which is more than aware of this. Not only that, they can even create more outstanding programmed things that can make our lives easier, funnier and more inclusive.

Ready to see some things you might be using every day and didn’t really know that someone programmed them to function correctly? Let’s go!

Everyday items that are programmed

Here is a list of items, artifacts, machines and elements for you. Every single thing from this list has been programmed and coded for you to enjoy. Ready to take the red pill? Here we go, Neo…

Washing Machine: Yes, sir. Your laundry machine has been programmed. Or how else do you think you can choose the exact temperature and treatment you want to give to your clothes? Someone very smart, designed all of the code for your machine to work perfectly fine. Tons of microchips and nano-technology are included in this huge – and very heavy – machine for it to function perfectly fine. If these machines are so old, can you imagine the paradigms your children can change with the things they’ll create if they only learned how to code? Wow!

Cellphone: A bit more obvious, but not for everyone. Just in case you didn’t know: Your cellphone has been coded. Everything you do with your cell phone, even if you have an old-fashioned one, responds to a series of codes written by a very talented programmer. But it doesn’t stop there. Did you know that today, your kids can learn how to create their very own apps and games for smartphones? In Tekkie Uni’s online courses, your children will learn the entire process of how to create an app and will surprise you with their fast and breathtaking results.

TV: Again… code is all around. Even the simplest TVs out there are programmed. Because coding goes way beyond a simple line of code, almost all elements (even those not using electricity), can be considered code. TVs are not the exception. These very fun artifacts have gone through a series of programming processes for them to work just in the way you want them to work. Of course, that includes the remote, antenna and all of the astonishing features the new Smart TVs come with.

Ticketing Machine at the Subway: Do you take public transportation often? Well, your ticket is coded! All of the little machines that read your ticket when going in or leaving the station can understand where you come from, for how long you have been on the train, and how many trips you have left. Yes, there are no tiny human beings inside each machine stamping your ticket and allowing you to cross the barriers. All of these ‘machines’ are programmed. Now, once again… can you imagine the amazing things your kids could create if they only received the proper training? We can only hope for a brighter future…

A brighter future in the hands of your children

Can you imagine how much of a better world we could have if our kids created coded machines and a process for recycling, for cleaning the ocean, or for anti-bullying initiatives? The first step to create a meaningful change is very simple: Learning how to code.

In Tekkie Uni’s coding lessons, kids will learn how to program in an environment that will encourage them to be themselves, to follow their dreams and to create outstanding apps, games, software, videos, or projects.

It is about believing in themselves, in their dreams and in the excellent things they will create. Since code is all around, give your kids the chance to create tomorrow’s world in the way they’d like to live it.


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