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Kids who believe in themselves!

As parents, we are always concerned about our kids’ future. Having independent kids with high levels of self-esteem can be one of the ways to assure a brighter success in their future, but that is not all. One of the most important factors is to give your kids enough tools and confidence for them to believe in themselves and in the spectacular things they will create, regardless of the field they choose.

Since we deeply believe in the Vygotskian definition of education, we couldn’t be more convinced that when children believe in what they do, the results will be way brighter, happier, and surprising.

But, how do we make sure our kids believe in themselves and their extraordinary projects? What can parents do to assure their children receive practical, efficient tools that can boost both their self-confidence, and their methodology to take these ideas and turn them into reality?

In this blog post, we want to show a few ways. After reading this, you’ll have a clearer picture. After reading this, you’ll know at least a few ways to turn your child into a believer. Are you ready?

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Multiple ways to solve the same problem

Every problem has a wide number of potential, and effective, solutions. To have children who believe in themselves and in their projects, make sure to create a space where creativity isn’t only allowed, but also encouraged. Your kids must know that one question has multiple answers and that there are a number of different pathways to get to a potential destination.

In our online coding courses, your kids are asked to be themselves, to think outside of the box and to bring innovation into their creative solutions. This, for example, can enable them to strengthen their self-esteem and will definitely make them believe even more in their own ideas.

Active learning, fast results, practical tools

Every single content, lesson, class, or story you give or share with your children should be taught in a practical way. If we make sure to find active, innovative tools to teach them something, they’ll be able to witness their own progress when creating their very own inventions and when putting their ideas in something that actually exists. Hands-on learning can give them a new perspective. It can show them that everything is possible if they just believe in themselves.

In our online classes, we always give your kids challenges and engaging missions. They will be able to create games and apps and make them better every time they meet their classmates and their instructor. Kids who actually achieve goals and reach higher peaks are kids who are going to be confident in themselves and to believe in their future projects.

How can coding make your kids believe in themselves?

While learning how to create or program a certain something, your children will have to face various and numerous challenges and missions that will encourage them to think differently, out of the box and effectively. Coding will make them face this situation constantly. They’ll always have to think about different ways to solve problems, and creativity will be one of the most important skills they’ll have to strengthen in order to achieve goals and create innovative solutions.

When they see, in concrete, that their ideas are becoming realities thanks to their own creativity, they’ll start believing that they are capable of completing any task, and of turning an idea, as crazy as it might sound, into a phenomenal praiseworthy reality.

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A few tips for parents: Raising kids who believe in themselves

According to the website Yes Safe Choices, there are a number of things you can do at home to encourage your children to believe in themselves. The list might sound redundant to some of you, but it is never too much of a reminder when it comes to your kids’ self-confidence, right? So, take a look at some of the most relevant tips from their list:

Be empathetic. See the world through your child’s eyes.

Communicate with respect. Don’t interrupt or put them down.

Accept and love your children for who they are. This will allow them to feel more secure in reaching out to others and learning how to solve problems.

Give your child a chance to contribute. This communicates your faith in his abilities and gives him a sense of responsibility.

Treat mistakes as learning experiences. Children whose parents overreact to mistakes tend to avoid taking risks, then end up blaming others for their problems.

Emphasize their strengths. A sense of accomplishment and pride gives children the confidence to persevere when they face challenges.

Let them solve problems and make decisions. Avoid telling your child what to do; encourage them to come up with solutions to problems.

Check out our coding courses: Let your kids believe in themselves

In our online coding courses, we make sure to train our instructors in the best possible way. All of the tips given in the paragraph before are implemented in our classroom with one big fat goal in mind: Creating a safe, open space for your children, to allow them to believe in themselves and to create spectacular things.

Come on! Register your kids in one of our live, online coding courses and see the results for yourself. We know your children will both enjoy it, and benefit from a number of new tools they’ll strengthen while learning how to build their very own app.


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