Coding and Self-Esteem

Can you picture your kids speaking in front of an audience and explaining their ideas or newest projects?  We deeply believe that confidence and self-esteem, are two of the most important skills for a kid to develop, especially at a young age.

There are many activities and techniques we can use to help our children walk a path of love, self-respect and appreciation for themselves. Nowadays, educational strategies are changing and we are applying a different set of tools; we use technology and digital knowledge as well.

Among the multiple available options we have to strengthen our kids’ self-esteem, and thanks to some recent research, we have become certain that coding is an amazing way to help kids reach higher levels of self-esteem. Would you like to see how coding can help them be more confident, and to trust in themselves even more?

Participation and collaboration

Coding is a field where kids, no matter what, will have to participate and collaborate in the development of ideas at one stage or another. The feeling of having a voice that is actually being heard and considered boosts both their confidence in themselves and the love they feel for their ideas and contributions.

Working and learning, in a field that needs you to find a different solution, to think out of the box, and to constantly propose new, innovative ways to solve a certain issue, gives a significant amount of tools to those who are in it. These tools cannot only be used to solve that specific issue but also to better interact with society in everyday life.

In our online and live coding courses, we make sure every student participates in class. For that to happen, and as we mentioned before, we create a safe and friendly environment where kids feel comfortable saying anything they want in class. No judgement, and understanding education as a ‘social interaction’ process.

This supportive environment enables kids to think more creatively and to ask both instructors and classmates anything, without any fear and therefore, with more confidence.

Creativity and Innovation

Research shows that kids who can explore their creativity, do new things, and show it to the world, are kids with higher levels of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Educational systems like Montessori, for example, where kids are exposed to creativity, self-discipline, and open spaces from a very young age are being strengthened by big players like Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO.

Bezos didn’t only go to a Montessori school himself, but he has also donated funds to open more pre-schools and schools that use this inclusive, open and different educational system. This is a system that could enable the leaders of tomorrow to think of better and more effective solutions, while deeply believing in themselves and in what they do.

As you know, every problem has a wide number of potential, and effective, solutions. In our online courses, we make sure we have a space where creativity isn’t only allowed, but also encouraged. In our online coding courses, your kids are asked to be themselves, to think outside of the box, and to bring innovation to their creative solutions.

We strongly believe that this new way to solve problems will also boost their self-confidence.

Achieving goals. Reaching higher.

Learning while doing is extremely important nowadays. We are in the first years of the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, and if we need to understand how fundamental it is to allow our children to practice, hands-on, how to make this world a better place through the tools that are constantly appearing. This way we will help them actually lead tomorrow’s world in a successful way. Therefore, we think we shouldn’t only give them the right tools, but also encourage them to use them in whatever way they decide.

So, let’s get to the point: We strongly believe that coding should be taught in a practical way. Therefore, in our online courses, we always give your kids challenges and interesting tasks.

They’ll be able to witness their own progress when creating their very own games and apps, making them better every time they meet their classmates and their instructor. Kids who actually achieve goals and reach higher are kids that are going to be confident, who will love their ideas and themselves.


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