Internet of Things and Why our Kids Should Know How to Code

We are facing the 4th industrial revolution, an era that doesn’t only propound horizontal hierarchies in governments and institutions, but an era that is also entirely related to technology, digital tools, more interaction, coding, and programming languages.

During our childhood, it was unthinkable to even imagine that some of the inventions we could watch in a regular episode of The Jetsons was going to become a reality. Today, they’re more than just a reality, today these inventions are customizable, programmable and are here to stay and improve.

The phenomenon of things (yes, any sort of tangible things) that you can both program and control through any mobile device is called the Internet of Things and it is developing itself in a rhythm that is going way faster than any previous digital revolution of our era.

What’s IoT and why it should be a subject to talk about at dinner?

According to Wikipedia, Internet of things is the network of physical devices like cars, houses, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enables these objects to connect, be controlled and exchange data.

internet of things

Nowadays, every single thing can be programmable, codable and controlled by us. The concept of smart houses is becoming bigger and bigger every day, enabling us to control temperature, environment and even the music we’d like to have when we arrive home after a long day at work.

But IoT doesn’t only involve houses; cars are also being developed in such a smart way that they could even save lives in the very near future.

We truly recommend to talk about this revolution with your friends and kids, to create an even bigger interest in the subject and to encourage our children to be part of this, instead of having them just stare at it from the outside.

How can the Internet of Things save our life

Driverless cars, for example, will reduce accidents and make roads way safer than how they are today. When these cars become a must they’ll likely save several lives.

Even turning off a fire at home with a simple touch on your mobile device screen, activating indoor sprinklers is now possible. Thinking that learning how to code is the first step to develop these, and other, life-saving solutions it is just inspiring.

Just to mention another case, smart hospitals could react faster than the best staff of nurses in order to help a patient in need of urgent attention. Everything, through the automation of the process and creating this network of physical devices in a wise way, with one big fat goal in mind: People’s needs.

How the future of IoT looks like

Internet of things is evolving every day and penetrating almost every industry. Farmers, the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, banks, architects, and even lawyers and courtrooms. This new exciting ways to control and adjust what a few decades ago were simply uncontrollable is changing the way we see the world, and the kind of things we expect from it.
Learning how to code today will allow our kids to be an important and active part of this revolution tomorrow.

But how does the future looks like? Quite bright! All predictions are expecting a much deeper development of IoT, expanding this new way to coexist with technology to even more industries and sectors. And since we live in a world with horizontal hierarchies, IoT will reach almost every house and pocket, because by using renewable energy and the smart lines of code, everybody will be able to enjoy this phenomenon.

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A few examples of the Internet of Things

Lights, refrigerators, cars, houses, shoes (yes, the Back to the Future shoes now exist), thermostats, sprinklers, etc. These devices, among others, are now connected to the rapidly growing IoT.

But what kind of devices can be connected to it tomorrow or in a few decades? Experts already developed roads that heat themselves during snow periods to enable cars to still use them, automatic machines to prepare different types of food are already functioning, so when thinking about the devices and technologies to come, the sky becomes the limit!

Anything will be part of the IoT and we’re sure we will be amused by the exciting things we’re going to see in the years to come. But we also know that now is time to get into this train and to receive the right tools to not only enjoy this revolution but to be part of the group who is creating and developing it. The first step is simple: Have a creative mind and the willingness to create something that will have an impact in society, then, we’ll only need to learn how to code. That simple. That’s how we start.


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