5 Companies Started by Young Entrepreneurs

When we were younger we thought about how exciting it would be to start a company. We dreamt about how when we were older, we could be self-employed and do what we loved every single day of our lives.

We had visions of factories and office spaces filled with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of our peers working alongside us. But why does it have to be when we’re older? Why not at a young age? These people took the initiative and made their ideas into reality as fast as they could. Here are 5 of today’s most influential young entrepreneurs!

Take a look at their stories, and tell your kids about their inspiring successes. Who knows, maybe your kid will be the next successful young entrepreneur.

Evan Spiegel – Snap Inc.

While attending Stanford University, Spiegel came up with the idea for an app that sends disappearing messages. At the age of 21, he assembled a team to create this app and would go on to create it a year later.

The app was originally named “Picaboo” but later changed to Snapchat. After being on the market for less than a year, the app had already reached one million daily users! Today the app has more than 190 million active daily users and Spiegel has turned down various multi-billion-dollar buyout deals.

Steve Jobs – Apple

Steve Wozniak created the Apple computer and showed it to his pal Steve Jobs who came up with the idea to sell the product. Apple Computer, later changed to Apple Inc. was founded from Jobs’ garage when he was only 21 and Wozniak was 26.

Steve Jobs worked for hours and hours on end from his house and tried gaining investors for his business until he finally received a 60 thousand dollar investment.

After working at Apple for almost 10 years, he resigned, founded NeXT computer and purchased Pixar Animation Studios. Jobs would go back to work for Apple for another fourteen years before his death. Today Apple makes around 50 billion dollars a year!

Whitney Wolfe Herd – Bumble

While in college, Wolfe Herd founded the “Help Us Project” to aid areas that were affected by the BP oil spill. Her company gained widespread attention as many celebrities were spotted using the bamboo tote bags she sold to help raise money for the cause.

With an already prominent background in business, upon graduating from Southern Methodist University she helped launch the dating app Tinder, where she was the Vice President of Marketing. She is said to have come up with the name “Tinder” from when she would use tinder to start fires at her father’s cabin.

Wolfe Herd then left Tinder and founded Bumble. Similar to Tinder, Bumble is a dating app that allows women to initiate the first move. Just like the three women activists we previously highlighted, she is fighting for gender equality through her app.

Today, the company is valued at over one billion dollars and has over 360 million registered users in over 190 countries, according to Forbes.

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

While studying at Harvard University, Zuckerberg created two different websites called Coursematch and Facemash. They grew very quickly and Zuckerberg became known across the campus.

After these two ventures he began programming for a new company and a month later, “The Facebook” was born. He was only 19 years old when he founded the company!

Zuckerberg’s Facebook is one of the world’s most-used apps, with 2.5 billion people using at least one of Facebook’s apps.

Jeff Bezos – Amazon

While still in high school, Jeff Bezos created the Dream Institute. It was a center that allowed kids to explore their intellectual curiosity. He graduated with the highest distinction from Princeton University, then went on to work at hedge fund D.E. Shaw & Co. and became the company’s youngest senior vice president.

Shortly after being named the youngest senior vice president, he left D.E. Shaw & Co. and founded the online book store Cadabra from his garage at the age of 30. He changed the name from Cadabra to Amazon so it could be at the beginning of the alphabet and accepted a 300 thousand dollar investment from his parents to start working on the company.

Today, over 25 years later, the company has made over 230 billion dollars in revenue!

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