3 Women activists for Gender Equity in STEM

It is still a sad reality. In most places and industries gender equity is still an issue and a subject of debate. Nowadays, many countries are creating laws to respect gender equity when it comes to salary, paternity leave, and high-level roles in companies.

But did you know that one of the industries with more differences between men and women is the tech world? Well, not anymore! Many initiatives that were born in the last few decades are here to empower women, to give them tools, and to assure that they can do an amazing, praiseworthy job… just like men!

In this article, we want to introduce you to 3 spectacular women who are changing the picture. Women who are fighting for a more inclusive tech industry. Women who are inspiring the entire world, to turn it into a more equal, inclusive, happy place.

Meet Reshma Saujani, Linda Liukas, and Sophie Wilson… you won’t regret it!

Researches show it: Women are better than men!

Researchers from the North Carolina University analyzed over 1.5 million users of the very famous code sharing website GitHub and saw that code changes made by women were way more likely to be accepted than those by men!

So statistically, women are better programmers than men, but since the industry is still a bit sexist, we are committed, through our online coding courses, to changing the picture from its roots.

Reshma Saujani: Girls Who Code

We wrote a little article about Reshma Saujani a few months ago. Reshma is the bright founder of the amazing organization called Girls Who Code.

Besides that, she is an amazing, innovative woman, who is inspiring thousands of girls and women, all around the world, to follow the path of technology in order to create the solutions we’ll all use, one day, in the very near future.

Before founding Girls Who Code in 2012, Reshma was the Deputy Public Advocate at the Office of the New York City Public Advocate. That’s right! From politics into coding, in order to help other women grow and succeed.

Linda Liukas: The poetry of coding

That is right, we also wrote a blog post about Linda Liukas a few weeks ago! Linda is a mix of fantastic things. She is the author of the bestselling book “Hello Ruby”, an extraordinary public speaker, and an amazing programmer.

By mixing literature and poetry with code and algorithms, Linda is challenging the status-quo to get more and more girls to code, to program and to design the future of the digital world we all live in.

Just like your little girls can attend our online coding courses, Linda started very young! She first showed interest in the coding world when she was just 13, and in 2001, when she was only 15 years old, she created a website for someone she admired a whole lot: Mr. Al Gore.

If you want to have fun and discover new, exciting facts about the programming world, search for Linda Liukas’ TED talk on YouTube. Bring your kids! They’ll enjoy it as much as you will.

Sophie Wilson: Fighting for gender equity in tech!

Sophie Wilson is such an inspiring lady! Born in 1957, Sophie Wilson is now a leading computer scientist who has been named one of The 15 Most Important Women in Tech History.

She designed the Acorn Micro-Processor, and the ARM Processor, among other successes in her career.

Today, Wilson serves as a director at the technology conglomerate Broadcom Inc. Wilson has been awarded multiple times, in recognition of her brilliant work for the computing and tech industries. She constantly fights for more inclusivity, inclusiveness, tolerance and equality in these fields.

Your girls: Your daughters can create extraordinary apps and amazing software!

Through our online coding courses, your little girls can learn how to code in a safe, open environment where instructors will encourage hands-on learning. Our courses will boost their creativity and will provide them with the necessary tools for them to create their own game, app, or software.

Who knows? Maybe someone, in a few years from now, will write about your daughters’ success, and the huge influence her parents had in her development within the tech world. It is in your hands! Check our courses out here!


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