Women In Stem, Tech And Coding: Linda Liukas

Once again, we are here to write about highlighted women in the fields of STEM, coding and tech. As you might recall, in previous editions of this series we wrote about Maria Montessori and her outstanding educational methodology, and about Marie Curie and her impeccable career and discoveries.

Today, we want to talk about someone who is part of our modern days, her name is Linda Liukas and in a very innovative way, she is changing the way girls interact with programming, all over the world.

By mixing literature and poetry with code and algorithms, Linda is challenging the status-quo to get more and more girls to code, to program and to design the future of the digital world we all live in.

We invite you to meet Linda Liukas in this short, but full of merit, article that honors her.

Linda Liukas: Inspiring young girls to code through literature and empathy

One of the things we cannot debate about Linda Liukas is her amazing capacity to speak publicly and to connect with the audience in an extraordinary way. In the various TED talks she has performed, she speaks about her story, and about the ultimate ways to encourage more young girls to learn how to program, just for them to do one thing: Turn their dreams into realities.

This Finnish programmer and children book author is the creator of the book Hello Ruby (that raised $380,000 on Kickstarter), which was released during 2015, and of the 2 sequels named “Hello Ruby: Adventures In Coding” and “Hello Ruby: Expedition to the Internet, published on 2017 and 2018 respectively.

She first showed interest in the coding world when she was just 13, and in 2001, when she was only 15 years old, she created a website for Al Gore, to show him how much she admires him.

There are not only books in Linda’s life! A few years ago, She co-founded Rails Girls, a site designed to help women learn basic programming. In short, Linda found a fantastic way to make this world a better place, through coding.

Take a look at this TED talk Linda gave, it is one of our very favorites:

Your kids can change the world through programming and coding

We know, Linda Liukas is unique. She found a phenomenal way to inspire kids and adults to make big, significant changes and steps. Anyhow, there is something you must know: Your kids can do this too!

By joining one of our online coding courses, and by participating in live classes with teachers as inspiring as Linda Liukas, your kids will be able to learn how to create their own app, how to become the next YouTube star or how to create games with Scratch.

You now have the chance to see them succeed, to see them create. Will you let it pass them by?


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