DIY toys to build with your children

All kids love toys. All kids love playing with different kinds, even if when they’re young they prefer the boxes over the expensive toys we get them, playing is a very important part of their development.

Nowadays, it is not that usual to see parents building toys with their children. With tools like Amazon, where you order something and in less than 24 hours you have it on your front door, the willingness to sit and build a toy from scratch slightly disappears.

That being said, we think differently. We sincerely believe that kids who gather a nice amount of skills during their childhood, are those who are going to believe in themselves, and then change the world.

Therefore, in this short, but extremely useful blog post, we are going to show you 50 toys you can build together with your kids. Yes, you are going to see 50 great and simple toy ideas you can start building right away.

Getting your, and your kids’ hands dirty while going through a hands-on experience will nurture your children with self-confidence, trust, and the certainty that everything is possible and anything is doable.

Let’s get ready. Save some materials you used to consider waste and build some toys you and your kids will truly appreciate, and most likely never forget.

50 simple toys you can easily build with your kids!

Hands-on learning is great. While building their own toys with your help, your children will find out that this is much more fun and engaging than just going to the store to get something new. This process will enable them to interact with nature, to comprehend the value of recycling, to learn from real-life experiences, to think with both sides of their brains (just like when playing chess), to build better and stronger motor skills, and to explore a new field with their five senses.

Just so you know, some of the benefits of DIY projects with kids are:

  • Boosting their social and interpersonal skills
  • Strengthening their problem-solving capabilities
  • Encouraging their self-expression and confidence
  • Practicing their creative thinking abilities

Making their own toys goes beyond saving a few bucks. Building their own toys, with the help of parents, can truly help your kids become a better prepared human being. Believe it or not.

31 cute DIY toys

In this video, produced by the 5-Minutes Crafts YouTube channel, you will learn, in a very simple way, how to build 31 cute toys with and for your kids with materials almost all of us have at home.

In this particular episode of their series, you will learn how to build toys that can be considered “cute” or “nice”. If you are looking for something more interactive that involves more time in the building process, we have something else for you that you and your little ones might truly enjoy… Just wait for it.

18 cool DIY toys

Again, by the 5-Minutes Crafts YouTube channel, because these guys know their way around DIY projects! In this video, you’ll discover another 18 cool toys you can build with your children. All of them are simple and easy to build and require no prior knowledge of engineering or toy-building, so don’t worry!

The video lasts a bit longer than 13 minutes, but includes 18 DIY projects for kids that you and your pupils will truly enjoy. So be patient, watch it with your children, and decide together which one is going to be the first toy you are going to build together.

An Amazing DIY car for kids: Parents’ help required!

For this amazing DIY project for kids, you will have to participate in the building process. Because of the materials needed, and the risk of kids using them on their own, the presence of a responsible adult is necessary.

This project is cool, amazing, and very exciting. If your boys or girls are into cars and the way in which they are built, this DIY toy will blow their minds! With a few plastic bottles, a number of bottle caps, and a few other items you can either find at home or easily purchase at a local store, your kids will be able to build with your help and their own hands, a fantastic car.

Check it out in the video below!

Learning coding hands-on!

Learning how to program can also be a fun, exciting experience. Your kids can be part of a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment in which they’ll progress very, very fast.

The key is to offer them a place where mistakes are seen as learning experiences, and in which with the help of encouraging instructors, they’ll feel comfortable to express their ideas and their dreams. That’s the key to reach their full potential.

In the live, online coding courses offered by Tekkie Uni, your children will have a world of possibilities, and they’ll enjoy every single step of their pathway to knowledge and success.

Giving them the tools they need to succeed in the future is your responsibility, and you can do so starting today. What do you say?


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