The most educational YouTube channels for kids

It is amazing to see the natural and smooth interaction young kids have with technology. As if it was something obvious to do, they know exactly how to move their hands or fingers to make a smartphone work, even if it is the first time this young kid is interacting with a cellphone of that kind.

Information is now reachable and they can access it from a friendly device that is literally in their pockets. Those days we spent looking for information in an actual and very heavy encyclopedia to write a successful report are now over. Kids nurture themselves with new knowledge by clicking only a few times, and they are great at it.

There are several video games with educational values kids can play with to strengthen a number of skills and abilities. To be more specific, there are great apps for young children to learn how to play an instrument, even if they don’t own that instrument just yet.

As you have probably experienced yourself, kids love YouTube. They have a blast watching the most amazing videos other kids make, and they learn new things about history, coding, math, and arts through the numerous channels this amazing platform offers. If you didn’t know, there is even an app called “YouTube for Kids” that makes this space safe for all children, by removing content that might affect them in a negative way.

In this article, we are going to show you the 3 most educational YouTube channels for kids. If your children aren’t going to spend time creating their very own YouTube videos and, instead, they are going to watch what others have created, let’s at least make this time valuable, pedagogical and positive. What do you say?

In each one of the YouTube channels for kids we are going to show you, there are a variety of educational YouTube videos your children will enjoy and learn from. Because screen time can have a positive side, we want to give you hope by sharing with you and other parents these great educational resources, in the shape and form of YouTube channels.

Best 3 educational YouTube channels for children

Whether you want it or not, your children are going to spend a whole lot of time watching YouTube videos, therefore, we suggest the following channels. They are fun, engaging, but most of all: educational. Show them to your kids or watch a few videos of these channels with them – we’re sure you will truly enjoy them as well.

TED-Ed: Spreading ideas and knowledge

Especially made for curious kids who want to know everything about everything. This channel is an extension of the TED channel. Yes, the one with the great talks. Its main mission is to spread both ideas and knowledge. On this educational channel for children you will find many interesting animated videos and tons of carefully curated educational videos.

In the videos of this great YouTube channel for children, your kids will be able to learn how fast humans are evolving, how to think like a coder, how stress affects their bodies, or even to spend a day in the life of an ancient Egyptian doctor.

But it doesn’t stop there! This YouTube channel also has a number of riddles for children to solve. Believe us, it is totally worth it!

Sesame Street: For the youngest members of the family

The previous channel we mentioned is for kids who are a bit older than the ones who are going to deeply enjoy the audiovisual content of this YouTube channel for children. This one brings back to life an old classic we all enjoyed at some point of our lives: Sesame Street!

The characters we’ve always known are back in this new, interactive format to give our little kids tons of educational experiences that they will never forget. In their video library you’ll be able to find many DIY activities for children, sing-along educational songs, and funny virtual playdates.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see Elmo, Big Bird, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster, and the entire gang once again, now talking to your own kids.

It’s OK to be Smart

“Have you ever been curious about the big universe? Evolution? Climate change, video games, dinosaurs, etc…? Stay curious with us, on “It’s OK to be Smart”. With this appealing sentence, they welcome kids to their educational, fun, and interesting YouTube channel.

In this educational space, your kids can learn about a variety of different subjects in a fun and engaging way. For example, they will fully comprehend how an Igloo keeps you warm, why ice is slippery, how ancient ice proves that climate change is real, among other things.

The channel was specially designed and created for curious kids and young curious souls by Joe Hanson, Ph.D. who is “a curious group of atoms in a very curious universe”.

Spend some time in this channel and encourage your kids to watch the amusing content Joe uploads almost every day… and let yourself be surprised with the new, spectacular knowledge your children will gain.

Your kids can produce and create their own YouTube videos!

It is time to empower your children. Is there a better way to empower them than by giving them the possibility to create something of their own? Can you imagine the positive effect on your kids’ self-esteem when they create something of their own, from scratch?

In the live online courses offered by Tekkie Uni, your children can learn how to create their very own apps, how to code video games for their friends and cousins to play with, and even how to plan, create, edit and upload their very own YouTube videos.

Empowering your children to successfully face an unknown future is a must… and the time is now! What are you waiting for?


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