4 amazing examples of the future of IoT

Technology is progressing way too fast. We live in a hyper-connected world that enables us to do almost anything. If we could explain the devices we consider a must for our everyday lives to our great grandparents, they would be totally shocked. Intentionally or not, we have become extremely dependent on technology, connectivity and immediateness.

These three concepts have shaped an era of innovation that is ongoingly achieving new goals, and that has given us a sensation of comfort no other field of technology has. A few weeks ago, we published an interesting article about it, and today, we wanted to swim a tiny bit deeper on what the future of this field looks like.

How much do you know about the Internet of Things? How do you think IoT can make your life easier, and how can your kids design what tomorrow’s world will look like by understanding the immense potential of the Internet of Things?

In this short but cool article, we will go over 4 of the most impressive innovations of IoT, and we will try – through an imagination exercise – to establish what the future of IoT will most likely be.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

The Future of IoT: Our kids will shape our world!

When we actually realize that our kids will decide what the world we live in will look like when we are older, we see how important it is to give them a set of skills that is valuable, complete, innovative and effective. Actually, if our kids learn how to code at an early age, they won’t only strengthen their 21st skills, but they will also increase their levels of self-esteem, self-confidence and leadership skills, which are key to succeed in a future we don’t know much about.

Today we are going to show you 4 of the most amazing innovations of IoT, so you realize that this revolutionary movement is just starting, and that your children have a lot more to do to keep on innovating. Giving them the tools to do so is up to you!

Wearable health monitors

The most important thing in our lives is health. Especially during the global pandemic we are all going through, where we have realized that keeping an eye on our health is extremely relevant. Patients who have critical conditions can now have at least the expectation to live a mostly normal life.

Smart fabrics, cloud computing, flexible membranes, are enabling wearable devices to go way beyond a “SmartWatch”, and opening a breathtaking opportunity for health innovations. For people in very critical situations, there are even devices that allow them to submit an order to a device through the waves of their brain.

Take a look at this video and be prepared for a better, fairer, more technologically advanced and prepared world. And yes, all of this is considered part of the Internet of Things.

Autonomous farming equipment

If you come from rural areas of the world, chill out, the internet of things can also positively impact your life. Farming equipment that used to need lots of human interaction, can now – or in the near future – be controlled using a simple computer or even a smartphone.

This can be done thanks to the process of automation technology, and can offer farmers better quality of life, optimized results, and extraordinary timing records.

Soft robotics is being developed to help the farming industry throughout every little stage. So if your kids are interested in the world of robotics, maybe learning how to code a robot is more than just a good opportunity.

To better understand this area of the internet of things, check out this short video:

Car status

How can you know if the car battery is about to fail? Or, how can you check on your car’s speed when your oldest daughter is driving it for the weekend? There are numerous apps in development that can enable millions of users around the world to do this and much more.

According to Investopedia, one of the goals of the Internet of Things is to have devices that self report in real-time, improving efficiency and bringing valuable data to the outside faster than a system depending on human involvement.

Wouldn’t you want to save yourself a few visits to the car mechanic? These IoT innovations, and the ones your children can make, might save you more than one headache in the near future.

Connected homes

We told you the previous time we discussed IoT; homes are now closely connected to your devices, thanks to the internet of things. From your home security system, to the possibility to preheat your oven, turn on the lights, and even turn off a water tap you left on.

With this technology you will get reports on any potential problems your home could be having, and the real possibility to solve them through your smartphone. Literally.

Actually, with lots of patience and a little work, there are some things you can do yourself – or with your children – to turn your house into an IoT Smart Home. How? Using a Raspberry Pi. Check this out:

Your kids need coding. The world needs your kids.

This might be crystal clear by this point, but your kids must learn how to code. Not only to become amazing programmers, but to gain all the abilities and skills they’ll need to take a leadership role in tomorrow’s world.

Coding will strengthen your kids’ empathy, problem-solving ability, critical thinking, and creativity. If they learn how to code in a safe, open, and encouraging environment, the results of their apprenticeship will be surprising.

Let yourself be surprised. Give your children the tools they need for the future, today.


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