Minecraft Modding for Kids: What it is and how it benefits education

When we think about the educational power of games, a thousand ideas come to mind. We deeply believe that the current paradigm of education needs some drastic changes, from its base to its very outcomes. The world has changed, so the way in which we educate our children should be modified accordingly.

A few years ago it was crazy to think that programming, or even video games like Minecraft, could be used to teach fundamental skills, central to the future success of our children. But today those who do not implement gamified learning techniques in their homes or school curricula are left behind.

In this article, we are going to go over everything you need to know about Minecraft modding. We are going to give you a few modding tutorials and we are even going to talk about the connection between Minecraft modding and app development for kids.

Yes! Even if you can’t imagine how right now, Minecraft can give your children numerous abilities for them to start learning coding and programming. By the end of this article, it will be very clear to you how.

So, are you ready to learn everything you always wanted to know about Minecraft mods and how it can positively affect your children’s accomplishments and achievements in the near future? If you want, grab a piece of paper and take some notes. We are going to give you some super useful information.

Who knows? Maybe after practicing on Minecraft, your child will become a master at Scratch programming for kids, or the next talent in Tekkie’s robotics course for kids. Minecraft mods might be only the beginning… Give them the space to create. It is up to you.

What is Minecraft Modding?

In some sort of way, Minecraft Modding is all about giving the power back to the players. Therefore, Minecraft Mods are about having the kids take full control of what they play and how they want to play with it. Actually, the words “modding” and “mods” come from a word that has a transcendental role in all of this: modifications. Still a bit confused? Don’t you worry! Let us explain further.

Minecraft modding are modifications made by users and gamers, to the original version of Minecraft. These independent people can download them from many different sources online, for free. These Minecraft mods are used to generate and create different, innovative and new game experiences, in order to boost, enhance and heighten their gameplay.

Actually, contrary to what Markus Persson – the creator of Minecraft – originally thought, Minecraft Modding are one of the most highlighted reasons for this Mojang game’s worldwide success. And how could it be any different? Mods actually offer kids the ability to play the way they want to play. One Minecraft mod can mean a totally different game experience for the player and of course, a whole new set of tools delivered to them for the simple reason of having the power to create, or modify their own games.

There is one thing you and your kids should take into consideration. At least till the date this article was written, Minecraft mods were doable only in the computer and mobile version of this engaging and educational game. Modding could not be done to the console versions of Minecraft.

So, are your kids ready to create their very own Minecraft versions? Are they ready to enhance their game experience? Are you ready to let them experience video gaming in a totally different way? Come on, the time is now!

What do kids learn with modding

To be more concrete and straight forward, through Minecraft Modding, your kids will learn a ton of different things. They will gain skills related to game design and understand the value of collaboration while practicing these two things hands-on. They will also learn a lot about 3D modeling, which is very important nowadays (remember when we talked about 3D printing?) and about the transcendental subject of cause and effect relationships.

All of these skills, together with the traditional and useful 21st-century skills they’ll gain while learning how to code, will open thousands of possibilities for them. After learning this, it will be all about the breathtaking things they will create.

Modding with Java

There are different ways to practice Minecraft Modding, one of them is learning how to code Java (which is a very famous programming language, ideal for kids to start with) and doing all the mods with it.

Although your kids will need a number of assets in order to properly work this out, modding with Java could nurture your children with several abilities they’ll for sure use when programming something else in the near future.

Modding with Java can allow them to experiment with the game in a completely different way and add STEM elements to a game that a few years ago was only used to have fun. Today, fun, coding and education walk together hand-in-hand.

There are numerous tutorials on how to do Minecraft Modding with Java, so we don’t want to speak about this too much. You know your resources, you can easily do a simple YouTube search with your children and receive a full step-by-step introduction to this subject.

At this opportunity, we’d like to have a more educational perspective on the subject.

Learning Java to understand the future

Learning how to program is like learning a second language. When your kids learn how to code, they’ll be learning how the future will work and therefore, how to succeed at it. Learning Java will open numerous doors for them in the workforce of the future, even if they don’t want to dedicate their lives to the fields of coding and programming.

Learning how to code, maybe even through Minecraft mods, will nurture your children with the ultimate abilities they’ll need to highlight in tomorrow’s world; abilities such as problem-solving, critical thinking, algorithmic thinking and creativity. Wouldn’t you like your kids to have these skills? Well, teach them how to code! They can begin with Java and see where it goes from there.

Looking for a cool way they can learn Java? Minecraft Modding could be a great option. Also, check out the online coding courses offered by Tekkie Uni and let yourself be surprised.

Minecraft Modding as an educational tool

As we mentioned before, Minecraft Modding can be highly educational. Many schools across the United States, Latin America, and even in Israel, are using this “game” to deliver useful 21st-century skills to the leaders of tomorrow.

When we talked about gamified learning a few weeks ago, we mentioned that today, kids should be learning in a different way. It is almost impossible to think that our kids’ current classrooms have the exact same structure as the classrooms our grandparents had. That is just not good!

That is why we are convinced that gaming elements, horizontal hierarchies, a genuine desire for acquiring knowledge and even getting inspiration from nontraditional educational methodologies like Montessori, can absolutely help the children of today be better prepared for an unknown future we don’t know much about.

We invite you to think that anything can be turned into an educational tool. In the case of Minecraft Modding, it goes way beyond the actual programming and creative tools your children will get. Minecraft Modding can actually give them self-confidence, the power of knowing they can indeed do things with their hands and knowledge, and the inspiration of understanding they can grab a game and twist it into something that is more relevant both for them and for their peers.

A little bit about gamified learning

According to most descriptions, the goal of gamification of learning is to give students a different level of motivation to learn, by incorporating into the classroom, or to any other learning environment, the usage of video games and gaming elements. As we mentioned before, the main objective is to make sure students are engaged and having fun. This occurs by adapting the way in which teachers and parents deliver knowledge, capturing the interest of each individual and giving them all the inspiration they need to continue their learning process.

In the case of Minecraft Modding, or, for example, in the Scratch programming course offered by Tekkie Uni, this is done naturally and effectively. Your kids will learn and gain new, beneficial skills while having fun, strengthening their self-esteem and enjoying the guidance of their instructors.

What can kids mod in Minecraft?

According to Minecraft’s website itself, “(…) Mods are modifications to Minecraft and available through a number of third-party websites. They can add or remove content to the game, or change how it is played (…)”. Your kids will be able to modify almost anything they want in this game, of course, respecting certain boundaries.

That being said, there are numerous third-party services and platforms that allow children to do Minecraft Mods, enabling them to modify elements that go way beyond the very basic ones.

But, do you know how to make a Minecraft Mod? Is it clear to your kids where to begin, or what to do to generate their own modifications? Let us give you a hand!

How do you make a Minecraft Mod?

There are several tutorials on YouTube, done by kids, to explain all the “how to’s” related to Minecraft and Minecraft Mods. Some of these tutorials could be better, but not all kids have participated in Tekkie Uni’s YouTube course to perfectly understand how to create optimal YouTube videos.

Now, of all the tutorials we found, we would like to share the following one. We think it explains very clearly how to make a Minecraft Modding and it could help you and your kids take the first step into this exciting and surprising world:



In case you find a different tutorial that is also good, we encourage you to write about it in the comments below and we will try to include it in this article. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Minecraft Modding and Coding

There are many options available to introduce your children to the world of coding and programming. As you know, learning how to program will open all the right doors for them in the near future, but the main question many parents have is: Where do we begin?

Well, Minecraft Modding could be a great place for your kids to start. This first step can develop within them the willingness and real desire to know more and do more. The most important thing to take into consideration is that your kids need to learn coding in a space that is encouraging, enjoyable, open and safe for them to express themselves and make mistakes along the way.

If your kids learn coding in an environment that punishes mistakes, the results will never be as good and positive as if they were learning in an environment that sees mistakes as learning experiences: just like it’s done in the online coding courses offered by Tekkie Uni.

Learn coding today. Change the world tomorrow.

The sooner, the better. The fact is that your children will have to learn coding in order to successfully participate in tomorrow’s workforce and in order to gain all the necessary 21st-century skills they’ll need. As we mentioned before, the main issue is finding the where, when and how… But don’t worry!

Tekkie Uni offers some extraordinary online coding courses that will nurture your skills with all the abilities they will put into practice to create their very own app, to program their very own virtual robot, to create their amazing YouTube videos and to experience coding with the colorful Scratch platforms… among other options.

In Minecraft Modding they’ll understand one important value: Things can change. Things can be modified. But in order to be the ones who lead and make these changes, they must have the right tools. Give your kids the best present you can give them to succeed in the future and with it, you will enable them to modify the world and make it a better place for us all.

Give your kids the present of coding!


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