Which computer programming games for kids are the best to learn from?

There is no doubt. Children of today should definitely learn how to code. When we understand this unknown structure which we will have in tomorrow’s world, and when we analyze how hyper-connected we are and the transcendental role technology will have in the future, we comprehend that learning how to code will be key for a successful and soft-landing in the workforce of the future.

Even if our children are not going to dedicate their lives to something technology-related, it is important they acquire a number of necessary skills in order to subsist and distinguish in the world of tomorrow. These skills, known as 21st-century skills, mainly focus on teamwork, computational thinking, critical thinking, creativity and social abilities that will open the right doors for our children. By strengthening these skills, they will be more likely to succeed in the future, regardless of the industry or field they choose for themselves.

But how do we make sure our kids receive these skills? Well, coding might be the answer you are looking for. When learning how to code by using programming games for kids, online classes, or programming apps for kids – just to mention a few options – your kids will not only be having an amazing time, but they will also be developing the 21st-century skills we mentioned before.

In this article, we want to talk about the best programming games for kids out there, but also help you understand why it is so important for them to learn how to code. There are games for teaching programming to kids, indeed, but first of all, we want you to realize why this is so important.

Should you encourage your kids to code?

If you want us to give you a simple and short answer, it would be yes. But you know us already, you know we will swim deeper into this question to justify it and to give you a nurtured point of view that will make you realize that this goes way beyond a simple ‘yes’.

The world is changing, and the way in which we interact with society and with technology is changing with it. Living in a hyper-connected world, full of smart houses and touch screens, full of likes and social networks, demands that the adults of tomorrow bring new and deeper skills to the table. It is not only about “programming for kids”, but it is also about the numerous skills and abilities your kids will gain when learning with these programming games.

These skills, known as 21st-century skills, will be key for the future success of your children. When we talk about computer programming games for kids, or about programming apps for kids, we are actually talking about engaging ways for them to strengthen and develop skills like computational thinking, teamwork, creative thinking, analytical thinking and project management… just to mention a few.

So, in short: Yes. You should encourage your children to learn coding. But most of all, you should encourage them to gain the proper abilities to actually make a difference in the future. You should encourage them to optimize our world and to improve it! You should encourage them to turn their dreams into apps (created by Python programming, Java or Scratch). You should encourage them to be themselves, and to express their dreams through their own technological creations. And do you know what can help them do all of this? Correct! Coding can, and coding will.

How do you introduce kids to coding?

There are a number of different ways to introduce your kids to the worlds of coding and programming. First of all, by enabling them to understand how important coding is for their future success and how transcendental it will be for their future interaction with both society and technology. When your kids understand how fast technology progresses and how necessary it is to understand what is going on behind the scenes, it will be easier for them to show real interest in these extremely attractive and useful fields.

You can start out by showing them a few of the best available programming games for kids and we are going to mention them in just a few paragraphs. Another way could be showing them the 5 most amazing programming languages for kids and letting them know the extraordinary things they could create by learning Python, Java or Ruby, just to mention a few. But the most important thing to have a productive interaction with computer or app programming for kids, is for them to be genuinely interested in doing this; and for that to happen, the environment in which they learn how to code is key.

Programming games for kids can be a great first gate, but if your children don’t feel comfortable in the space in which they are learning computer programming, nothing will work. Offering a space where mistakes are taken as learning experiences, where they can express themselves freely, where teachers use games for teaching programming to kids, and where they can actually see the breathtaking results of the apps they design and program, can absolutely be a great introduction for your kids into the field of coding and programming.

So, how do you introduce your kids to coding? By making them believe that anyone can learn, that no prior experience is required, that it would be an amazing opportunity to turn their dreams into realities, and that the best basic programming games for kids are only the beginning and the first step to jump into computer programming.

Keep in mind that the space in which they learn is transcendental. Most people who hate math, have that feeling just because they had a bad teacher at some point. At Tekkie Uni we make sure we have encouraging instructors who make sure they use stunning pedagogical techniques and games to teach programming to kids.

What is the best way for kids to learn programming?

As we mentioned before, the best way is for kids to feel comfortable and connected with themselves, the class and the instructor in charge. That being said, many schools are currently offering coding lessons as part of their curricula, but we believe the most amazing things happen outside the classroom.

In just a few moments, we are going to mention a few of the best games for kids to learn programming, and about some exciting and interesting games for teaching programming to kids.  We strongly believe that computer programming for kids is more than just a utopia; computer programming for kids is a reality, and by teaching it in the right way, you’ll be surprised with the breathtaking results of your own children’s creations.

Learning how to code shouldn’t be hard. It is like learning another language: When your kids understand the structure and the outcome of each line of code they write, it will even be easier for them to teach coding for kids in the future.

But, what is the best way for kids to learn programming? By experiencing coding with an unforgettable hands-on learning class. Kids need to do in order to learn effectively. When our kids do, the comprehension process works faster and more effectively. This is exactly why we let kids do and create from the very first moment, in all of Tekkie Uni’s online coding classes.

Think about it for a second… In high school, college, or university, you learned tons of different concepts and ideas that only made sense once you applied them in the real world. Well, with your children it is the same! Whether they learn how to code while developing their very own app, or by executing Python programming themselves, the outcome will be simply praiseworthy.

It is all about learning-by-doing. All of the programming games for kids we are going to talk about are successful because of two main elements: The inclusion of the “gamified learning” concept, and the fact that kids learn while doing something, or while accomplishing engaging tasks.

Let’s learn a little bit about gamified learning for kids.

The power of gamified learning: Games for teaching programming to kids

A few weeks ago we dedicated an entire article from this educational blog to the concept of gamified learning. Therefore, today we want to just brush up a little bit and bring you some new insights on the power of gamified learning.

The paradigm of gamified learning comes from something that is much older than computer programming games for kids, or programming apps for kids. It comes from the era of Mr. Lev Vygotsky, who referred to education as a process of social interaction. His theories, mixed with some insights from Maria Montessori (here you can check out a great article with 3 activities you can do at home to boost your kids’ skills, based on the Montessori system), show researchers that knowledge can be conveyed more effectively through games.

Nowadays, tons of educational tools used both in the classroom and outside of it have the shape, structure and interface of a game. When we talk about the best programming games for kids, we are not only talking about exciting and engaging games like Fortnite or Mario Bros (for those who still remember this amazing plumber and his brother Luigi), but we are also talking about games which appear to strengthen your kids’ 21st century skills, and games that will give them knowledge they didn’t have before.

Gamified learning appears to change the old and clichéd educational paradigm, with the same classroom structure our grandparents used to have. Gamified learning appears to teach our kids everything they need to learn in such a way that it creates an authentic and sincere desire to learn, and a powerful connection with the learning process.

With gamified learning, your kids will learn and receive tools and knowledge, without even noticing. In their eyes, they might be just playing and having fun, while they are actually enjoying games that were designed to teach coding to kids.

Which coding games for kids are the best?

We bring you a list of 4 programming games for kids, which are just amazing. By playing these games, your kids will gain numerous skills and will learn more than just the basics of coding. Pay attention and choose your favorite carefully. These are the best games for kids to learn programming.


CodeMonkey is a great game for teaching programming to kids. As we mentioned before, this app that teaches kids to code is one of the most popular programming games where kids can learn how to code. In this engaging and interactive programming app, children learn the very basics of coding through friendly monkey characters and engaging tasks.

In CodeMonkey, children are always encouraged to get higher scores. While playing this programming game, kids can learn more than one interesting thing about how a programmer needs to think, in order to write a functional line of code.

As we mentioned before, all of this, while coding because, as you already know, hands-on learning is the key!


Oh, lovely Minecraft! Most parents might remember this game as well. Minecraft is actually one of the best examples of games for teaching programming to kids, and of a programming game for kids.

This game, created by a designer from Sweden named Markus Persson, enables your children to build structures using a number of cubes within a 3D world. Some of the other activities this game has includes crafting and combat, but also exploration and gathering resources.

In this game, your kids will gain skills like critical thinking, teamwork and analytical thinking. All of these skills are fundamental when programming something of their own, or when successfully designing their very own app in one of Tekkie Uni’s online coding courses.

We could say that Minecraft is one of the best basic programming games for kids. They might not get as much knowledge as they’ll get in CodeMonkey, but it is still one of the best programming games for kids.

LEGO Mindstorms

If your kids are into robotics, LEGO Mindstorms EV3 is one of the best games they can have, to learn how to code. This amazing robot will allow them to create as many projects as they can imagine. Not so long ago, we published an article where we showed you 5 very cool robotics projects your kids can do with their EV3.

This little robot, created by LEGO, will enable your kids to use a Blockly code (something like Scratch) to create extraordinary robotics projects. They could program their EV3 to play the piano, to fold clothing, or to walk like their favorite Transformers character.

The things they can do with their EV3 can also prepare them for successful participation in one of the many available robotics competitions for kids and teens. The EV3 is definitely one of the best games for kids to learn programming.

Take this into consideration! In Tekkie Uni’s robotics class, all kids get to program their very own virtual version of the EV3. If hardware is expensive, don’t worry! Your kids will have a unique experience programming online this amazing robot, while gaining numerous 21st-century skills.

Dash & Dot

If you have younger children, this is, without a doubt, the best programming game for young kids. Like many of the options we gave you before, the main objective of these cute robots created by Wonder Workshop, is to teach your children how to code, while playing and having fun.

The Dash and Dot set comes with a friendly and gamified app to teach kids how to program, which can be used either on your tablet, or your smartphone. These robots are so entertaining for kids that you’ll see them coding for hours just to make Dash and Dot sing, dance, and even run after someone around your house!

These tiny, colorful and very friendly robots are for kids between 7 and 12. According to Forbes, “(they) respond to voice commands, which are part of the programming. (…) Dash and Dot create amazing engagement with children, delivering strong lessons in logical progression and problem-solving”.

Tekkie Uni: Changing the paradigm to teach coding in a fun environment!

We just gave you 4 extraordinary options of programming games for kids. From computer programming games for kids, to robotics games to teach programming to children. All of the options we gave you are just amazing and they are all rank in the top programming games for children… so you can feel safe and confident!

That being said, when you see that your kids have a real interest in learning how to code and that they are succeeding, why not boost their potential by enrolling them in one of Tekkie Uni’s online coding courses?

In Tekkie Uni’s online coding lessons, your children will learn how to code in a safe, comfortable, engaging, encouraging and gamified environment. Our very well trained instructors will show them that everything is possible and your kids will create their very own apps and games, while having lots of fun!

Who knows? Maybe your kids will be the ones creating the next best programming game or app. And who knows? Maybe your children will be the ones teaching other children how to code through interactive games.

Your kids can change the world. It is up to you to give them the right tools for them to do so.


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