Coding from age 7:
Scratch is here to help!

Coding doesn’t have to be something complex or difficult to understand. Some very intelligent people have been developing innovative ways to show the world that anyone can learn how to code. When faced with an unknown future, there are numerous skills we have to master to succeed in a scenario we don’t know much about. This includes problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and creative thinking are some of them.

We know that coding can indeed provide you with those skills, so why should learning it be so challenging and problematic? Coding can be simple, colorful, and fun; and that is exactly what Scratch is doing.

Some of the smartest people on earth say that to prove that you understand the topic you are talking about, you should be able to explain that subject to a 7-year-old and succeed in making the child understand it too.

This block-based, full of colors, visual-editor named Scratch, developed by the MIT Labs, is advocating and doing phenomenal things to accomplish that mission with that same mindset: to enable young children from 7 years old to understand what programming is about and creating outstanding projects while coding themselves.

Your children can strengthen an extensive number of abilities while learning how to code in a platform and environment that are fun, entertaining, scalable and easy to use.

Want to learn more about why Scratch is one of the best ways to introduce coding to the youngest members of the family?. Well, check this article out!

A comprehensive and inclusive perspective from a very young age!

Allowing our kids to comprehend, from a very young age, that anything is possible and that they can achieve any goal they set for themselves is almost every parent’s dream.

Raising kids who believe in themselves, trust the natural course of their own process, and take care of both gaining and strengthening the skills they need to achieve their goals is possible. When the experts realized that coding could provide its learners with these skills, looking for the right way to give it to kids became the first-class necessity.

When Scratch appeared, and the block-based and visual coding became massively popular, many kids around the world started developing mindsets, skills and abilities that impressed and amazed their teachers, parents and family members. But which elements of Scratch make it so appealing and entertaining for young children? Let’s see!


Adding the fun factor to any learning experience will guarantee a better interaction between the learner and the provided knowledge. That is why schools have been adding entertaining elements to their lesson plans, and that is also why so many fantastic educational apps have been appearing lately.

Learning how to code in Scratch is not only easy and accessible but also extremely entertaining and simple. If you are looking for a fun way for kids to learn how to program, well, Scratch is what you were looking for.


Life is better when filled with color! Up until a few years ago, programming was something with a total absence of color and programmers used to work with screens that used black, white and some varieties of yellow. Do you think kids will be interested in programming if they had to do it in a virtual space that doesn’t look attractive or appealing? You already know the answer!

Scratch is not only colorful but also very attractive. The MIT Lab team who developed it made sure to add great characters, shapes, and environments that turn the coding learning experience into something beautiful and good-looking. No more boring screens with pure text! Kids get to move blocks around to learn hands-on about the power of sequencing and algorithms.


There are always new things to learn and new knowledge to apply. Scratch is a scalable platform in which your kids will always have new missions to complete and new levels to explore.

They begin with simple tasks and quickly progress to assignments that are a bit more challenging, but no less fun!

A learning environment that offers your children the opportunity to continue their learning process while they begin to master important skills and understand new concepts, is an environment in which your children will thrive.

Even though at one point, when a bit older, your kids will like to program their own app or code their very own video games, Scratch is a space in which they’ll be able to learn and achieve new goals for a long period of time.


Kids like to complete missions, that is why video games are so popular! One of the main attractive features of Minecraft is the option they give kids to modify the current scenarios for them to create their very own Minecraft Mods, and then complete the missions they created themselves.

In Scratch, project-based learning, hands-on learning, and mission-based learning are taken very seriously, to provide these spaces in an engaging and enjoyable way for young learners. When kids see they are completing missions, and successfully completing projects, their self-esteem levels go up, and their willingness to learn increases significantly. Are you ready to see your kids asking you to learn for a few more hours? Scratch can be your accomplice in achieving this.

Coding is just around the corner. Kids of all ages can learn how to program!

Coding can be taught in the most exciting, engaging, and enjoyable ways. In the live and online coding classes offered by Tekkie Uni, your children will learn how to code while strengthening fundamental future-ready skills; all of this, while having fun.

A group of well-trained instructors is ready to help your children get the most out of themselves and reach their full potential. All of this in a safe, captivating environment in which mistakes are considered as valuable learning experiences, and in which fearless self-expression is constantly encouraged.

Are you ready to give your children the tools they need for the future?


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