3 Amazing STEAM activities with water to engage kids of all ages

Hands-on learning is proven to be one of the most effective ways to acknowledge and incorporate new ideas. That is why STEM and STEAM activities appeared to close a gap that older generations experienced when in school. Our children now have the unique opportunity to experience everything they are learning from a completely different perspective.

As we’ve said before, education is now closer to the Vygotskyan approach that establishes it as a natural process of social interaction in which the focus should be on the process and development of the learner, instead of focusing only on the final result of a specific standardized test.

Since we deeply believe that STEAM activities can be done at home, and since in many of our countries summer is just around the corner, we’d like to share with you 3 entertaining STEAM activities for kids that involve the use of water

These water-related STEAM activities will enable your children to comprehend how and why things happen and will show them that when hands-on learning is actually applied in a fun, safe environment, learning can be engaging and enjoyable.

Are you ready to watch these 3 STEAM activities with water for kids of all ages? Take some notes and do them at home! Your little ones will truly appreciate it.

Fun STEAM activities with water for kids

Is there anything more rewarding for parents than seeing our children having fun while learning something new and strengthening their 21st-century skills? Well, thanks to the new paradigms of education, our kids can now enjoy lessons in which the “fun factor” is relevant and important.

Gamified learning, and educational approaches like Montessori. appeared to show us that kids can indeed become way better in their own areas of interest and reach their full potential; everything while enjoying their learning process and while having a genuine hunger for new knowledge.

Check out 3 phenomenal STEAM activities with water you can do at home with very few, and very simple to get, materials. If you decide to do at least one of them, let us know how it goes in the comments of this article.

Traveling colorful water

We first talked about Ryan in a previous article in which we taught you some tips for your children to become famous on YouTube. Today we bring you this video of his authorship to show you a very cool STEM experiment that includes water and paint.

Do you want to show your children how colorful water can travel from one cup to another? Check out this fun experiment and prepare your kitchen, because most likely… your kids will want to do it as well.

STEM and Water for pre-schoolers!

It is always a good time to teach our kids something new and useful. This uncomplicated STEAM experiment with water was built to teach a few very simple principles to preschoolers.

Can you imagine your 3 years old beginning to understand elementary science? Well, with this cool STEAM activity for preschoolers this can be possible! Check it out!

Fireworks inside water

Do your kids think that they can only see fireworks on New Year’s Eve? Well, prove them wrong with this amazingly cool STEAM activity with water. With only a few easy-to-get ingredients, your children will be able to see fireworks inside of a water glass or bottle.

Watch this fascinating STEAM activity and start working on your own version of it right now, with your kids. Are you ready for them to strengthen their future-ready skills? Start with this…

Coding – a fun way for boys and girls to learn STEAM

Coding is just around the corner and it can be a phenomenal way for your children to learn STEM. By learning how to code (in a fun, inclusive, interactive and safe environment) your children will begin to strengthen numerous skills.

Coding is one of the master keys to developing critical thinking abilities, boosting your kids’ creativity, and increasing their levels of both self-confidence and self-esteem.

In the online coding courses offered by Tekkie Uni, your kids will learn while understanding that mistakes are nothing more than just learning experiences. What are you waiting for?


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