How do you become famous on YouTube as a kid?

The world’s hierarchies have changed and with that, the throne that used to belong to television is now moving forward to more personalized platforms in which anyone can become the next Jay Leno. Nowadays, thousands of different people are sharing videos produced by themselves on places like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and many other platforms. But, what does this really mean?  It means that today, your kids have the power to learn how to make a YouTube video in order to share their passions, knowledge and abilities with the entire world.

But, how do you become famous on YouTube? What is what your kid has to do to create a YouTube channel that has a real impact? Kid YouTubers from all corners of the planet are doing this amazingly, and in this article, we want to share a few interesting insights that will enlighten you in this new, confusing time.

We can start by saying something that we will repeat over and over during this article: the most important thing is your kid’s happiness. If your children are creating YouTube content about something they love, and they are doing so because they want to, success will be just around the corner. Enable your children to reach high by becoming the best version of themselves, and as we’ve said before… The best way to learn is to teach.

How to become famous on YouTube as a kid can easily become a headache for both you and your children, which is why we strongly suggest moving the focus to another place. You should start talking to them not about being famous as a result, but about the path they’ll need to walk in order to get there. The conversation should be about which skills they need to strengthen, what their hobbies are, what they love doing, and what kind of message would they like to share with the world. When all of this is clear, they’ll have a clearer idea of who they are, and a better strategy on how to let the world know.

Your kids could become famous on YouTube by streaming their video-game sessions, by talking about certain topics, or by teaching other kids a certain skill they recently mastered. But don’t you worry, we are going to talk about all of this in just a few paragraphs. Are you ready? Lights, camera, action!

Who is the most popular kid on YouTube?

It is hard to say who is the most famous kid on YouTube. In order to do so, we should grab some items that are measurable. In some cases, that measurable item would be interaction, amount of responses, or how many people around the world are talking about this; but at this opportunity, and since we are talking about famous kids on YouTube, we are going to take subscribers into consideration.

Ryan’s World

According to the most recent rankings, the kid with the highest amount of subscribers on YouTube would be Ryan from the “Ryan’s World” channel. With almost 24M subscribers, this kid started his adventure on YouTube by doing some very funny and exciting toy reviews. This almost 9-year-old YouTube star is now doing way more than just that and is constantly surprising his 24M followers with his new, well-produced, YouTube videos.

Ryan still does toy reviews, but he is now also doing science experiments, and explaining things such as how tsunamis are formed. Visit his channel and take a look at some of his most famous videos right here:

Ryan’s School Morning Routine:

Ryan at Legoland:

Believe it or not: Justin Bieber!

As you might know (or not), Justin’s career started on YouTube. It was many years ago when he started uploading videos to a YouTube channel called “kidrauhl”. Then, the musical content and his undeniable talent went viral when millions of fans just fell in love with his music. Justin Bieber is an amazing example of how to become famous on YouTube as a kid, and a great example as well to show your kids that they should learn the necessary skills for this to happen, even if they don’t want to be programmers in the future and dedicate their lives to something completely different, like music.

A few years ago, the Google Chrome team launched this emotional ad that shows you how your kids, with just some talent and lots of willingness to succeed, could become the next YouTube star. Take a look…

Master Builders: LEGO all around!

The kids from Master Builders are just amazing! Although they don’t have the number of subscribers Ryan has, they always do hilarious and very interesting things that will definitely inspire your kids and yourself.

They have done very cool things, like building LEGO blindfolded. Check out one of their videos and their entire channel, and inspire your kids to do amazing things with their own hands and creativity.

How can my kids become famous on YouTube?

Great question! Your kids might be asking themselves how Ryan from Ryan’s World became famous, or how do general kid YouTubers build their career and become so popular. Kid YouTubers can do a lot of things in order to become famous and successful on this video sharing platform, and as we said before, the most important aspect is strengthening their video-production skills and working on their creative-thinking abilities.

First of all, your kids should know that “being famous” should not be the focus and that it should instead be the result of a process that involves lots of hard work. One of the things you can do for your kids is enrolling them in a course for YouTubers in order for them to get all the technical skills they need when it comes to editing their audiovisual content, uploading their videos to YouTube and creating their own YouTube content.

The key is to boost your kids’ self-esteem and give them everything they need for them to really believe in themselves. When you get your kids to truly believe in what they are doing or dreaming about, you are also enabling them to understand that any dream they have, can be turned into a breathtaking reality.

Becoming famous on YouTube is not something that happens from one day to the next, it requires hard work from your children, tons of patience, and an amazing work-plan they’ll have to design.  Something that can help them a lot to design that plan and understand all the steps they’ll have to make before reaching success, is comprehending the deeper meaning of algorithms, and maybe even joining an online programming course for kids. Why? Because in some way, coding is a way of thinking.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to swim even deeper in these items, but for you to be prepared, we want to give you a list of things your kids will need in order to become famous YouTube kids:

  • First of all, they’ll have to discover their inner passions and what they truly love.
  • Then, your kids will have to gain all the necessary skills to work on their YouTube videos: editing, promoting content and developing ideas.
  • With some well-known pedagogical techniques, your kids will have to strengthen their creative-thinking skills… and that will help them not only on YouTube but on whatever they decide to do with their lives.
  • Your kids will have to work on their empathy and people skills. Charisma and social abilities are extremely important if they want to become a YouTube star.

Are you ready for a deeper explanation of each one of these subjects? Here we go!

Discovering what your kids truly love

One spectacular way to boost the self-esteem of your children is to become a guide who will help them discover the areas that they both love and are good at. If you don’t believe us, just think about yourself: When you work on something you love doing, the results of your job are significantly better, aren’t they?

The same thing happens with your kids, when they do the things they love to do, they do better. The times where all parents expect their kids to become either a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer have ended; today, the only important thing is to have happy kids who are succeeding in whatever field they choose for themselves.

The educational paradigm has also changed and as we’ve said many times in other articles, the classroom structure we still use is not relevant anymore and is way too old-fashioned. The first step for your kids to become famous on YouTube, or successful at all, is to do what they love doing, whatever that is… and for that, they’ll need your help and support.

The most successful kids on YouTube are those kids who talk about the subjects they love and those children who share their own experiences and the skills they master. It goes from kids who are extremely talented gamers, to children who teach other kids the most spectacular STEM experiments, and even kids who just share with the world everything they did during the day. It can be anything, but again, it has to be something your kids love doing and talking about.

Talk to your kids about the things they love and encourage them to follow a path in which that thing, whatever that is, is the main focus of their lives. What do you think?

Learning the skills: editing, making YouTube videos, promoting content, developing ideas.

Talent and love is nothing if we don’t strengthen the required technical skills. Your kids might know perfectly what they love and what they want to talk about, but if they don’t learn the abilities they’ll need to make things happen, nothing will ever happen… Sounds redundant?

Learning how to edit a video, how to create their own YouTube channel, how to promote their unique YouTube content, and how to take ideas from nothing to a storyboard, and then to an outstanding video, are only a few of the things your children will have to learn, to make sure they’ll succeed on their YouTube adventure.

The YouTubers online course offered by Tekkie Uni will teach your kids all of these skills and much more. The spectacular instructors at Tekkie Uni, will allow your children to learn while creating, transforming a traditional learning environment into one that is hands-on and experiential. Let yourself be surprised by the amazing results your kids will get!

Creative-thinking: A 21st-century skill your kids need

Thinking creatively is one of the most required skills in the workforce today and it will be even more important in the near future. Just like any other skill, creativity can be worked on and your children can become even more creative over time. If your children want to become famous on YouTube, then their creativity is something, they will have to work on, no matter what.

When creating cool content for their YouTube channels, your kids will have to understand how to do things differently and to differentiate themselves from other YouTuber kids. Boosting their creative-thinking will definitely help.

Something that can certainly help your kids strengthen their creative-thinking skills is applying the collaborative learning methodology at home. This can enable them to explore other areas of themselves they were not aware of, and by doing this, they’ll be able to create outstanding solutions to the many problems they face every day.

Being creative is a must when creating YouTube content, so give your kids an open, safe space to be themselves, to make mistakes, and to come up with numerous solutions. Limitless creativity is possible, just make your children understand that they are more than enough, and that they can do anything they want!

Empathy: Your kids should know what people want

The YouTube videos your kids will create are going to be watched by other kids, from all over the world. Therefore, your children must learn how to analyze and understand what other people want; and to do this, empathy is key.

We’ve mentioned before that this is about sharing information about the things they love, and doing what they truly love doing. We also said that technical knowledge is important and it is. But we cannot forget one very important factor: the audience.

The YouTube videos created by your kids will be watched by others, and those others will either like it or not. If your kids want to become famous on YouTube they must have lots of empathy when deciding what things are more relevant for viewers, and which ones are less important.

Working on their empathy will not only allow them to become successful YouTubers, but it will also help them gain useful skills for life itself. Don’t you agree?

Other requirements: The things that work on YouTube

Also, it is very important for your YouTube kids to do the things that work. Besides working on the things mentioned above, there are other items they have to take into consideration. Having a welcome video in the home section, for example, can provide amazing results. Another thing your kids have to do is add the right keywords and tags and create a catchy cover.

Another thing that is very important is to add a description and title for each one of the uploaded videos and know that YouTube algorithms like longer videos. But don’t worry, your kids will learn all of this and much more in the YouTubers course offered by Tekkie Uni.

Start today, your kids deserve this opportunity!

Begin today! Your kid could be the next Ryan, Justin, or any other YouTube star. Give your kids the chance to explore their talents and to see all the amazing YouTube videos they can create. Enable them to inspire others by sharing with the world all the things they love and are good at.

Enroll your kids in Tekkie Uni’s YouTubers course and give your kids the present of believing in themselves. They can create breathtaking things, register them for the upcoming course and watch it yourself.

Are you ready to watch your children become YouTube stars? Now, it is totally up to you!


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