Announcing Online Coding Camps to Keep Your Kids Learning

The outbreak of the coronavirus is an unprecedented experience for the global community — especially for families, many of whom have children at home.

Nearly every country has been affected by the outbreak, and more than 100 countries have closed their schools nationwide as a public health precaution, affecting more than half of the world’s students. Other countries are seeing local school shutdowns, according to data from UNESCO, which means millions of children are missing school.

As a parent, you hardly need to be told how challenging this is. If you’re reading this now, chances are, your child is home and you may be struggling to educate them while you try to work, keep the house and keep your family safe and happy.

To support you and all the parents who are working hard to keep their kids learning during this uncertain time, Tekkie Uni is offering coding camps to kids aged 8 to 9, and 10 to 13.

What is a coding camp?

Our coding camps are a virtual school for any kid interested in learning the basics of programming. Normally offered during times when kids are off school like summer vacation, coding camp is an intense two-week version of our usual coding class.

Your child will learn how to code, using Scratch programming, a platform developed specifically to teach coding to kids. Scratch teaches block coding — kids use prewritten blocks of code to build their own projects, creating applications and games of their very own. Their apps will include both graphics and sound, and once they learn how to debug their apps (something they’ll do with a little help from their friends in class) they’ll be able to install their apps on their very own smartphones.

There’s no need for previous experience — our experienced teachers will teach them everything they need to know to start coding.

How does it work?

During coding camp, your child will log onto Tekkie Uni’s platform from home every day and virtually meet their teacher and classmates. Younger kids learn for an hour a day, for four weeks while older kids learn for two hours a day for two weeks, getting valuable class time at home.

During class, they’ll be able to communicate with the teacher and with each other through the microphone or chat. (The video isn’t on, however. We want kids to concentrate on their projects, not on what’s happening in each other’s video feeds!)

Our coding camps are fun, supportive, creative, and designed to help your child learn even when they can’t get to school. Sign up for a trial lesson today and see if Scratch coding camp is right for your 8 or 9-year-old, or if your 10 to 13 year old will enjoy app development camp.


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