3 Amazing Inventions of Augmented Reality for Kids

You are right, we have discussed the huge impact augmented reality and virtual reality can have in our everyday lives in the past. Not so long ago, we explained how these kinds of technologies are going to improve the future, and how our children are going to experience a world that is hyper-connected and that offers them a multiplicity of experiences and possibilities.

As you already know, numerous industries are benefiting from the implementation of both augmented and virtual reality solutions and technologies to their jobs. We have mentioned this before, but even doctors are practicing new surgery methods by using these technologies.

Augmented reality goes way beyond the phenomenal devices like Oculus and entertaining apps like Pokémon Go. Augmented reality can actually be used as a pedagogical tool to involve your students in a new, encouraging and fun learning environment that assures the holistic development of new skills, and the full delivery of fundamental future-ready abilities.

Today, we are going to show you 3 amazing inventions of Augmented Reality for kids. In this short article you are going to discover augmented reality tools that your kids can use to learn more and better, and some spectacular augmented reality apps that can offer your kids a fun way of learning. Are you ready? Here we go!

Wonderscope: Your story’s characters are alive!

Wonderscope is a new and very exciting way for kids to learn how to really get into the stories they read. By bringing life to the stories’ characters, children can truly interact with them to fully comprehend their personality and the deeper plotline of the story these characters are participating in.

As they themselves say, Wonderscope combines the power of augmented reality, voice recognition, and spatial story design to immerse children in engaging, educational, and powerful narratives.

Can you imagine one of the characters of your kids’ favorite book jumping on their bed or climbing up your kitchen walls? Well… now, all of that is possible.

An app from Colorado: Encouraging outdoors activities

This great initiative took place in Colorado, in the United States. It was made and built to make sure our children will go outdoors more often. Yes, the encouragement is based on the usage of screens and technology during their time out, but… with educational purposes.

Thanks to this app, children can visit the most iconic landmarks, landscapes, lakes and forests of their area or neighborhood and discover new aspects of both the flora and fauna of that specific area. Everything, thanks to a sober and subtle usage of augmented reality.

As they say it themselves, this is a new and exciting way for kids and adults to learn more about nature while using their phones.

Shapes 3D: Geometry applied to real life

More than one of us has had a boring or unpleasant experience while learning math and geometry. One of the things many students and parents complain about, and one of the main reasons why STEM education was created, is the lack of clarity about the real-life application of this kind of knowledge.

That is why, this phenomenal app was created! With Shapes 3D, a great augmented reality app, your kids will be able to interact with geometry in real-life situations. They will be able to build new things and see how these creations actually fit in an existing open space.

Apps like this one show us that Augmented Reality can be perfectly used as a pedagogical tool, and that this technology is not simply the latest version of a Call to Duty. With the right usage of augmented reality, your kids can learn and strengthen more than one life skill.

Screen time can be good: Your kids should learn how to code!

If your kids’ screen time is used for the correct purposes, they can actually learn a lot of new things and strengthen numerous skills and 21st-century abilities. One of those skills is coding.

In the live and online coding courses offered by Tekkie Uni, your children will not only create a phenomenal app, or design a fun game for their friends and siblings to play, but they will also increase their self-esteem levels by experiencing a learning environment that encourages them to express themselves, to create with no fear, and to always reach higher levels of success.

Are you ready to see your kids succeeding? Now, it is totally up to you!


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