How Coding Can Improve Math Skills

Most people happen to think that most of the kids that are into coding have a very strong background in math. Actually, this is not entirely true. Those kids who love coding and creating new, exciting applications and software can immensely strengthen their math skills, through the coding experience.

Coding, aside from providing a large set of 21st-century skills to students, enables our children to turn math into a subject they consider tremendously useful, more engaging and even fun. Whatever they learn in math class can then answer some question they had when developing a certain part of an app, creating some sort of feedback and communication among subjects.

As we’ve mentioned before, many schools are now teaching how to code or will be doing so very soon, so it doesn’t matter where the kid is learning a programming language, the impact in their performance in math class will soon be seen.

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No more trains arriving at 2 pm to the station  Real life examples through coding

One of the biggest challenges of math classes is bringing real life examples to the class, in order to make students genuinely interested in actually solving an issue. Seeing abstract concepts to solve a problem becomes a challenge for students, so connecting the curriculum to items, matters or concepts which can be seen in the development process of an app, will be extremely beneficial for math learners.

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One of the reasons why the STEM fields were created was precisely this: to connect subjects of study with real life, providing today’s students with the skill-set they’ll need to succeed in the 21st century. In a way, this allows math to land and to touch down, connecting it to something real where the result can be seen almost automatically.

These days, the examples of Timmy running late for his train or when would train A will meet train B –  just aren’t exciting anymore. Math can be seen as something useful, with real-world applications of its concepts and should be represented in such a manner.

Real world math: Seeing the application of mathematical concepts in the students’ everyday life!

Again. Learning how to code can help kids who were not that talented in math to achieve better results in class. This is because students can see the applications of the concepts they see in class, in real life situations.

Enabling students to use math as part of their app creation process gives this field of study a different and more positive approach. When we take math out of the ultimate academic purpose and put it in the field of the tools students need to do something great, even artists will use it in order to craft unique creations.

A fun way to acquire 21st-century skills: Math and Coding

We know coding can provide our students with a number of skills, abilities and aptitudes, problem-solving being at the top of the list! Therefore, the 2-way road is open once again. Not only can math offer future programmers a set of skills, but learning how to code can offer those math-haters the opportunity to look at it as a fun, useful subject to create better things.

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Actually, this sort-of-new paradigm is forcing teachers worldwide to think about a different way to teach math. We are seeing that today’s math classes shouldn’t have the same structure that they used to have 10, 20, or even 5 years ago.

We live in a world which is constantly changing and the way we provide knowledge should adjust itself to these changes, permanently. We invite coding teachers to make something fun out of math and to understand the new paradigms of the world we live in. Teachers should create their class curriculum taking into consideration that math can be seen either as something that can mold our children’s minds or as a very important tool to help students create something unique.

There is a clear relationship between coding and math, but this is not a one-way street. Coding can allow math to actually give form to abstract concepts. It can also enable kids to improve their results in a traditional math class; seeing it now as something that will actually help them create, program and design.


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