3 Cool Sci-Fi books to get your kids interested in coding

There are numerous ways to get your children interested in coding. They don’t have to show a genuine interest in the fields of programming or algorithms for kids from the very beginning, not every child knows exactly what learning to code could give them. Many people around the globe have no idea that a large percentage of the jobs offered for programmers are outside the technology industry, and are actually in fields as diverse as tropical weather.

A few weeks ago we published an interesting article with the best 4 movies to get children interested in coding, and since it had an extraordinary reception in our readers, we thought of other ways to help you achieve the same goal.

At another opportunity, we mentioned some extraordinary coding-related books for children. But the books we mentioned in that specific blog post were oriented to young people who already love the art of creating their own apps, programming their very own games, or building breathtaking software.

Today, we would like to mix the two articles we reminded you about to bring you something new in order to get your children interested in programming. That is why we now bring you 3 Sci-Fi books that will make your kid want to code. Ready? Here we go!

Sci-Fi books from different periods that will make your kid want to become a programmer!

The books we are going to mention in just a few paragraphs from now are from different periods. You’ll see here various examples, some are even books that our grandparents might have read during their time at middle school.

The difference between our grandparents’ time and the modern world we live in, is actually the interpretation your kids can give the written lines. And that’s the magic of literature! You can read a book today, but if you read it again 20 years from now it might impact your life in a totally different way.

Take a look at these outstanding Sci-Fi books that’ll get your children interested in coding. Let’s begin…

Trapped in a video game, by Dustin Brady

This book from the year 2016 tells the funny story of Jesse Rigsby, a kid who is trapped in the video game ‘Full Blast’. It tells the story of how Jesse does everything he can to leave the game as soon as possible, to not remain a video game character forever.

Scenes like seeing the Statue of Liberty like a rocket ship gives this modern literature examples of unique Sci-Fi elements our young kids will truly love.

While reading this book your children might get interested in the evolving art of developing video games or apps, and if that happens, you can let them know about the phenomenal online coding courses Tekkie Uni offers. In these courses, your children will be able to strengthen their 21st century while learning how to turn their ideas into breathtaking realities.

The Martian Chronicles, by Ray Bradbury

A classic book that we all love. Originally published in 1950, it tells the story of the settlement of Mars, the residence of native Martians, by Americans clearing out an uneasy planet Earth that is ultimately devastated by nuclear war.

Although it is a tiny bit apocalyptic, it can increase your kids’ interest in outer space, and in everything related to space exploration. As you might have seen on our Facebook channel, all astronauts and astronomers must learn how to code to do their job. Therefore, if there is any genuine interest in space after reading this classic Sci-Fi book by Ray Bradbury, your children have to learn coding.

This book can also optimize your children’s creativity when the time comes to imagine what Martians, if they exist at all, actually look like. Nice imagination exercise to do at the dinner table with the family, isn’t it?

The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells

This outstanding Sci-Fi novel from 1895 tells us the story of time traveling. It is kind of the father of multiple movies and books that then followed the same storyline, or treated the same paradigm in a different way.

The work is for the most part qualified with the popularization of the concept of time travel by utilizing a means of transport or a machine to travel deliberately and specifically forward or backward through time.

It tells the wonderful story of the Time Traveler and his adventures while traveling back and forth through time.

It has been adapted into a movie on 3 different occasions, to TV in another one, and even to comic book format. All this because of its popularity, and for being the first novel to talk about a subject many people love: time travel.

Is time travel even possible? Well, if your children learn how to code they’ll be one step closer to getting an answer to that.

Learn how to code. The time is now.

There is something that, no matter what, is going to happen. Today’s kids, in the future, are going to be required to think differently, to be creative, and to have strong skills. In order for them to start thinking in a creative way while solving real-world problems, they must learn how to code.

But learning how to code isn’t enough. Ideally, they have to do so in an environment that enables them to experience the learning process from an experiential side, with hands-on learning, and with instructors who will always consider mistakes to be learning experiences.

This is the only way for them to also increase their self-confidence while learning something new; and in case you didn’t know, we can definitely help you with that. Check out the live online courses Tekkie Uni offers, and let your kids start receiving all the tools they need, today.


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