The 4 Most Amazing Coding Related Books For Kids

When it comes to the world of programming and coding, we tend to think that all the answers are on screens, or within some technological device. Our children couldn’t even imagine that they could find answers to their programming questions in analog devices that have been around for centuries and centuries: books.

Today, we are going to show you 4 extraordinary books that are related to coding, programming, gender equality within the tech world, and with the fourth industrial revolution we are all a part of.

Let your kids be amazed, go to the closest book shop, and give them the gift of literature. We assure you it is a gift they’ll never forget and it will be highly useful for their future in programming, regardless of what they decide to do with their lives afterward.

Yes, because even though screen-time can be positive sometimes, not all of the answers are there. If you are looking for some great coding-related books for your kids, let us show you what we consider to be the best 4.

Kids who love programming: Here’s a book for them!

We did extensive research to bring you the best coding-related books for kids and we are happy to say that we succeeded. In these titles you’ll find everything: mystery, the fun-factor, autobiographies and much more. All of these book plots, focus on programming, the future, robotics, and coding. Are you ready to see your children reading a book they’ll never forget? Take note of these titles:

Hello Ruby

Remember when we talked about Linda Liukas? Well, besides being a very smart woman, an advocate for gender equality in the tech world and a very gifted speaker, she is the author of the bestselling book, “Hello Ruby”. Prior to its launch, “the book made its debut on Kickstarter in 2014 and quickly smashed its $10,000 funding goal after just 3.5 hours and gathering $380,000 in total funding”.

Hello Ruby is a book about a girl, Ruby, who makes friends while solving problems. All of Ruby’s friends are different from each other, each one likes different kinds of things and has a very unique personality, but… they are all good friends.

Kids who read Hello Ruby can continue their reading experience online, while solving coding problems and gamified missions in Ruby’s world. Your kids will love it and they’ll learn a lot about inclusivity and problem-solving while reading it. Worth it, isn’t it?

Ready Player One

We do not recommend this book for young children, but your teenagers will enjoy it from the very beginning. This book, written by Ernest Cline, who later on inspired the movie directed by Steven Spielberg, occurs in the 2040s. The plot speaks about a society in which technology is everything. In this futuristic world, there is a virtual simulation in which citizens can “escape” the reality the world is facing in real life.

Wearable technology like gloves or glasses is part of this engaging story that will for sure give your kids the time of their lives… together with a nice warning about the future the world could face if we don’t do something about it now.

Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code

The amazing Grace Hopper is back! In this super interesting book by Laurie Wallmark and Katy Wu, kids will be able to meet Grace Hopper and be amazed by her personality, her hobbies, and the outstanding things she did during her lifetime.

Your kids will discover where the concept of “computer bug” came from, and will understand the immense contribution this woman gave to computer science and programming. We already knew how amazing Grace Hopper was, and that is why we wrote an article about her. But Laurie and Katy have taken it many steps further, enabling millions of kids from all over the globe to read about this outstanding person and understand how immeasurably important her contributions still are.

Girls Who Code: Learn to code and change the world

In this great book by Reshma Saujani, boys and girls will understand how easy it is to change the world if they only learn and get the right tools to turn any of their dreams into breathtaking realities. According to “Barnes & Noble”: “(…) Filled with easy instructions and real-life stories of women who work at cool tech companies like NASA and Pixar, and illustrated in bright and bold colors, Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the World is a delight”.

This is also an amazing book to teach our children about inclusivity, equal rights, and the importance of diversity not only at the workplace, but wherever they go.

Let your kids code the future!

After reading time is over, it is time to give your kids’ some practical experience. Hands-on learning is the best way to master a new skill or ability, which is why in Tekkie Uni’s online coding courses, your kids will learn by doing. You’ll be amazed by the apps they’ll create and with the games they’ll program by themselves while being guided by well-trained instructors and supported by their classmates. Everything, in an open and safe environment where mistakes are seen solely as learning experiences. The time is now! Give your kids the chance to create today, the future they imagine.


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