How To Tie Coding Into Your Kids’ Favorite Activities

You’re right. We’ve mentioned that we live surrounded by programmed things a million times. A few weeks ago, we even discussed how amazing the field of the Internet of Things is. It is true, our world has changed and technology is all over the place. Cars who don’t need a human driver, smart homes, spectacular gadgets and devices, and the list goes on…

So, programming is all over the place, and you already know how important it is for your children to learn how to code. But, how can you tie coding into your kids’ favorite activities? What if they like soccer, dancing, arts, law, or medicine?

What if they don’t want to become app developers? How can we connect the world of coding to their genuine interests?

Let’s discover more together!

Your kids’ hobbies and interests are somehow related to coding

Let yourself be surprised. You won’t believe it at first, but most of your kids’ favorite activities can be linked to the values of coding. Here, we show you a few ways in which you can make this connection and tie in your kids’ favorite activities to coding and programming.

It goes beyond just code. It is a new way of thinking

Learning how to code will teach your kids a whole new way of thinking. It will teach them about processes, about the importance of the path, and about the multiple ways available to solve problems and issues. Strengthening these abilities will enable them to put them into practice wherever they go and in whatever they do.

If your kids like art, for example, creating a new color or picking the right song for their new choreography will relate to a totally different dimension after learning how to code. They’ll think about all of the factors and audiences involved, making sure they actually make the best decision possible.

Strategy, vision, and creativity

Every single field needs these 3 items. Strategy, creativity, and vision are always needed regardless of what we decide to do. Learning how to code will enable your kids to put these 3 abilities into practice, starting from the first class of one of our coding courses.

They’ll need enough creativity to decide which kind of app they want to build, a clear vision to establish where they want to be and which audiences they want to target when creating the app, and they’ll have to create a strategy to simply make things work.

If your kids, for example, want to dedicate their lives to creating YouTube content about their favorite video games, learning how to code will not only provide them with the multiple skills that go beyond coding, but will also teach them how to edit videos more efficiently, and how to make sure the right audiences are receiving the message they want to spread.

Teamwork is needed everywhere

There’s no doubt. Teamwork is needed everywhere. Whether your kids are playing sports, or if they decide to open their very own literature club, they’ll need to practice teamwork. Life is full of naturally built teams in which we need to participate, constantly.

So, whatever your kid’s favorite activity is, teamwork will be involved at one point or another. But, how can coding help? Well, a number of recent research projects show that kids who learned how to code perform better in teams and have more abilities and skills to lead groups and processes.

Learning how to code will enable your children to put their problem-solving abilities into practice, especially in our courses that provide an open, safe and encouraging environment. This will strengthen a number of different skills and potentially turn them into the future leaders of tomorrow.

Give them the chance to become the best version of themselves

There’s one thing that we can assure you of: Knowing how to code will open important doors for your children. Give them the opportunity to create their own apps, their own games, their own YouTube content, or even to program their very own virtual robot.

These activities will nurture them with a completely new way of thinking, a different approach to life, and a successful, inspiring way to face the activities they love the most.

Enroll them in one of our live, online coding courses and be amazed by their breathtaking results.


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