4 ideas for fun programming projects your kids will love

On multiple occasions, we have mentioned that the educational paradigm we are used to, has changed. We have published several articles mentioning how the world has changed and how important it is for us to educate children in a different way, where hierarchies become more horizontal, and where kids can actually enjoy the process of learning.

The ‘fun factor’ in education is fundamental. Including elements of gamified learning in the things we do to teach our kids new skills and abilities, is becoming a guarantee of success. When kids have fun while learning something, it is proven that they’ll incorporate that knowledge in a faster and more effective way.

That being said, when we understand that programming is a second language your kids must learn, the question of how to turn app development for kids into a fun activity appears to stress us out. The good news is: there is no need to stress. Your kids will be able to learn scratch programming, app development and even gain skills from a robotics course for kids… everything in a fun, exciting and engaging way.

In this article, we want to show you 5 fun programming projects for boys and girls. They’ll be able to do these projects at home and they’ll learn and strengthen a number of 21st-century skills while having tons of fun.

So, which kind of fun programming projects can your kids do? What kinds of exciting things will they be able to do after learning a programming language in a fun way? Let us tell you a bit more, and be prepared to be surprised…

What kind of fun programming projects can our kids do?

There are a number of cool programming projects your kids can do. It starts with app development, scratch programming, and it even goes to fun robotics projects they can do at home. But it doesn’t stop there! Since almost everybody understands that education and programming should be fun, some amazing programming games have been launched to help kids from all over the globe gain the necessary skills to succeed in the near future.

In this article, we want to give you some great examples of programming projects your kids can do, in a fun and engaging way. Ready? Here we go!

Make your own game

The power of creation is unbelievable. Giving your kids the feeling that they can learn a programming language, participate in app development for kids classes, learn scratch programming, and while doing all that, create their very own game, is priceless.

Nowadays, your boys and girls can actually create their very own games and have lots of fun while doing so. Not only that, they’ll be able to surprise their friends and family members with their outstanding results. At the next family meeting, most likely everybody will be playing with that extraordinary game your kid created.

If you have young children, you can begin this process by doing one of these 3 activities for kids that are not entirely related to coding or programming, but that will build strong foundations in the way they will approach programming challenges in the future.

Now well, your kids can create their own games in a fun and easy way. Programming languages like Scratch (or any other that uses the “Blockly” visual editor) will enable your kids to program using a colorful and friendly platform. By learning how to code in an open and safe environment on one of these platforms, your kids will let their imagination fly and realize that they can turn any of their dreams and projects into outstanding realities.

Kids that didn’t even know they could become digital games creators are making a difference in the world by simply taking a few of their craziest ideas and programming games with their own hands.

So, which kind of game can your kids create

But what kind of game can my kids create?”, you might be asking and the answer is: any kind! The key is in giving your kids enough freedom for them to explore their own ideas and then do something with them.

One of Tekkie Uni’s students, for example, created a great game for mobile phones called “Rush Samurai” and he describes it as, “Rush Samurai is a fun game to play when you’re bored, on the way to school or work, at home – anywhere, anytime!”.

Can you imagine the extraordinary games your kids could create after learning a suitable and useful programming language? Give them the right tools and let them surprise you.

Make your own music app

Because app development is not only for engineers, math lovers and STEM enthusiasts. There are thousands of artistic kids all over the globe that can use an app development course for kids in order to create a musical programming project or a programming project that will be more related to theater and dance, or painting and poetry.

What we want you to understand here, is that any kid can learn a programming language and then turn their dreams and motivation into a cool and praiseworthy programming project. Yes, any kid, regardless of their interests, previous experience and inner motivation (yes, fun programming projects for beginners are all around!).

A great example could be a music app created by your kid. By joining one of Tekkie Uni’s app development for kids courses, your children will receive all the tools they’ll need in order to create the musical app of their dreams.

Who knows? Maybe your kid will create the next music-related app and steal the crown from the famous TikTok, or even from the old-good MTV. Creating a musical app could be your kids’ dream, so give them support and keep in mind that programming is for dreamers, not only for engineers.

If your artistic kids can dream of an app, they can certainly create it. 

The educational paradigm has changed. Fun programming can help!

But it is not only about games, arts, and music. Your kids can also create things that are more related to a traditional path. What’s important here is that even if the final result can be used for a more serious activity, the process of creating the ideas we are now sharing with you can also be fun, exciting and engaging.

Don’t forget: any programming project for kids should be like this, from the moment they start learning that new programming language and until the moment they launch their very own apps.

So, what else can they create, besides games, fashion apps, and art-related apps? Let us give you two great examples.

Programming robots

Yes! Your kid can program a robot. At the beginning of this article, we mentioned this subject and we even reminded you of an article we wrote a few weeks ago where we showed some phenomenal robotics projects your kids can do at home.

For most people, the field of robotics seems distant, expensive and not as accessible as other fields within the world of programming for kids. We’re happy to tell you that those people are terribly wrong!

Programming robots doesn’t have to be either expensive or hard, and today all kids can learn the principles of robotics by owning their very own virtual robot. That virtual robot, located in a gamified learning environment will teach them everything they need to know.

Sensors, motors, controllers, and other parts of a robot will become easy to understand for any child that experiences virtual robotics. Programming a robot can be the ultimate fun programming project for your kid, it is engaging and very encouraging.

But it doesn’t stop there. With all the knowledge they’ll receive while programming robots, participating in fun robotics competitions will be easier and will give them several advantages, in comparison to other kids who haven’t had the possibility of experimenting with these learning environments. In short: They’ll be more prepared for the future. Period.

Want your children to be fully dedicated to a fun and exciting programming project? Let them program a robot and be amazed by their breathtaking results.

Making your own calculator

Indeed. By learning how to program, your children will be able to do tons of different things, even create their very own calculator. Can you imagine the relationship they’ll have with math, mathematical derivatives and calculations if they are the ones that programmed their own calculator? Well, that can be a reality.

A great programming project for kids to do is creating their own calculator. The process is easier than it sounds, and by offering a supportive and safe environment to create, they’ll be able to program anything they want.

Again, as we mentioned before, when kids create something, the relationship they have with their creation is strong and powerful. That is why, when they create a game, they love playing with it and showing it to the world. When creating a calculator, the same effect will happen; They will love using it and therefore their relationship with math will become even more positive.

Let your kid program a calculator and observe how math will begin to be a pleasant subject to talk about!

Give your kids the gift of coding: Let them learn a programming language

The time is now, give your children the gift of coding. Enroll them in one of Tekkie Uni’s online coding courses and be surprised by their amazing results. App development for kids is a reality, and your kids can be part of it.

Do they prefer the performing arts or robots? Don’t you worry! There is an extraordinary YouTube course for kids and a fantastic robotics course for kids.

Let them be ready for the future. It is up to you!


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