3 things your kids can create during summer vacation

Vacation is just around the corner, and the time for our kids to experiment with new activities is here. For a few weeks, children will be able to do their very own projects, to wake up a bit later, and to dedicate their time to the things they love the most.

For some parents, this new – and temporary – reality means a change of habits, and adjustment of their schedules, and spending more time with their children. But isn’t that lovely? Of course, we understand that some people will have to make some little sacrifices, but at the end of the day, having the chance to see your children become the best version of themselves and achieve their goals is priceless.

In this article, we are going to show you a few interesting coding projects your children can do during this time on vacation to gain more knowledge, increase their self-esteem, become coding experts, and even experience some fun technology projects. Why on vacation? Don’t worry! We are going to go over that in just a few paragraphs.

These exciting summer vacation projects will help your children level up their programming skills, but not only that, they will enable them to have an extraordinary time, meet other kids just like them, and discover how easy, accessible, and amazing it is to turn their dreams into breathtaking realities.

Giving your children the chance to explore their different areas of interest is empowering them. By empowering your kids, you’ll be raising the leaders of tomorrow’s world. Take the opportunity of offering them some fun computer science projects to do during their vacations, as a chance for them to become future-ready. While learning how to code, in a hands-on learning environment, they’ll gain numerous useful skills they’ll use throughout their entire lives.

Could the world be led by someone who is not a critical thinker, by someone who doesn’t know how to solve problems, or by someone who is not creative enough? We know the answer! Going over these cool coding projects will give your kids all of this, and much more.

Are you ready to see the ultimate fun technology projects for kids? Are you ready to see how your children can take their vacation to the next level while learning some highly useful skills? Here we go!

Vacations Programming Projects

Remember we asked you why vacations were the ideal time for your kids to work on some of their programming projects? Well, for many reasons. First of all, since they will have more available time due to the lack of homework and school activities, they will be able to focus their minds into the things they love.

By learning how to code, they’ll realize that all of the areas they love can have an idea as an outcome, and then, those ideas can become concrete realities, apps, software, games, and even YouTube videos. The most amazing part is that creativity during vacation will be bursting with emotion.

Can you imagine your children enjoying some extraordinary outdoor activities, swim lessons, or chess classes, and then getting home to work on a project of their own, where they are the real decision-makers of what everything is going to be like, and the designers of the entire process? Can you picture your kids creating something meaningful, unique, and fun during vacation to then use that knowledge to do better at school? Well, thanks to the online, live courses offered by Tekkie Uni, all of this can – and will – happen.

Don’t you feel that when you are more relaxed, with no pressure, and away from your everyday life, it becomes easier to think creatively? See? That is why vacation is the ideal time for your kids to create and to do some cool coding projects.

Cool coding projects

There are many things your children can do during their vacation. Some of the interesting coding projects we are going to talk about right now might seem difficult to do, but they are actually easy, encouraging, and fun.

By spending some of the free time your kids have during their vacation on strengthening the right skills to achieve these goals, they will be capable of creating anything they have in mind. Afterward, any idea they might have in the future, could become a praiseworthy reality we can all admire.

In the next few paragraphs we are going to show you a few of the amazing things your kids can create through coding, while on vacation. Let yourself be amazed!

An app

Yes, an app! Your children can create their very own app, in a supportive and encouraging environment, and during their vacation! We bet your kids have some spectacular ideas for apps they would like to create and build… Give them the chance to make it real!

In the online courses offered by Tekkie Uni, your children will create their very own apps, they will strengthen the most important 21st-century skills, and will turn their ideas into reality. In the blink of an eye, your kid will be fluently speaking programming terms, and you’ll be downloading an app created by your little one on your own smartphone.

This might be the time to encourage your children to create something meaningful. Invite them to go on a vacation walk with you, to analyze what’s missing in your own town, to see together which kind of app could become an asset for our society, and then, extend them the invitation to create that app.

Everything is possible! And the sooner your children comprehend this motto, the sooner they’ll become creative thinkers who contribute – from their own place – to making this world a better place.

A YouTube video

Another way in which children are expressing themselves, is through video content. All of our children (or nephews) are assiduous users of YouTube, TikTok, and/or Instagram. Many of them would like to pursue a career – or at least an experience – creating content, editing and crafting their ideas, and uploading their very own videos to be seen by other children.

The first thing your kids must understand is the existence of a process. When your children fully understand that in order to do something, there are several steps they must take, their lives will become more organized, and they’ll do all other things in a better, and more effective manner.

In the online courses offered by Tekkie Uni, your children will master the process of creating video content; from the very idea they have, to seeing their edited video uploaded and being seen by thousands of people, from all over the world.

Give your children the opportunity to express themselves, and to share all the things they love with the world. Give them the unique opportunity of realizing that it is possible to make a living out of the field you love the most… and let them share those values through a unique video where they will be the stars.

Also, during vacation they can spend more time outdoors recording the ideas and scenes that will make their own YouTube videos praiseworthy. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

A game

Did you know how many things your kids can learn from playing video games? Actually, according to recent studies, children strengthen numerous skills while playing video games. A few weeks ago, we published an article in which we discussed the educational value of the Minecraft Modding, and we made it very clear: Screen time can have a positive effect, if parents manage it in a good, responsible way.

Now, if kids can learn a lot of useful things while playing, can you imagine how many skills they can strengthen while creating a video game? Well, a whole lot! While creating their very own video games, especially during vacation, your kids will strengthen their algorithmic thinking, their problem-solving skills, and even their leadership and teamwork abilities.

On vacation, kids experience things they don’t regularly. Therefore, their imagination flies to places they’ve never seen before. That is exactly why, vacation is the best time for kids to come up with stories and universes they created or imagined, and turned them into phenomenal video games.

In the online courses offered by Tekkie Uni, your kids will be capable of creating their own games in a supportive environment, with the encouragement of a skillful instructor who will constantly help them become the best version of themselves, and take their own game to the next level.

Why code on vacation?

For many reasons. Coding can not only be an amazing activity for your kids to become more future-ready, have great digital literacy, and gain numerous transferable skills that will help them do better at school. Coding can also offer them a unique experience that will be enjoyable, fun, engaging, and that will leave them with a real outcome they created on their own.

Enrolling your children in one of the courses offered by Tekkie Uni is giving them the possibility to know themselves in a better way, to become more confident, to increase their self-esteem, and on top of all that, to create something phenomenal that could improve the way in which our society works and interacts.

Vacation means free time, more creativity, and more ideas flourishing in their surprising minds; and if that’s the context, parents should do something about it! Use that free time and those flourishing ideas, and give your children the possibility to do something valuable and concrete with it.

There are too many cool things to code, but the coolest one, is the one your children will create; On their own, and while understanding that anything is possible.


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