5 things your kids could create through coding

We cannot deny it. Coding is everywhere. Today, coding has become a fundamental part of all class curricula around the world, giving children the possibility to take any idea and turn it into a reality.

Besides the many skills your kids will get while learning to code such as strengthening their teamwork and critical thinking abilities, there are a few questions you might be asking yourself that we’d love to clarify. By learning how to program, children can take their creativity to a whole new level; they depend entirely on themselves to put everything they learned into practice and to turn their idea into something real, praiseworthy and shareable.

What can my children create through coding?

So, what kinds of things could your kids create when they learn how to code? Where can they implement all of this new and important knowledge? Make yourself comfortable and take a look at these 5 examples.

Creating an app can be an easy and fun thing to do for your children

Creating an app isn’t as hard as you might imagine. Today, anyone can learn how to take their first steps into the app development world. Kids all around the world are creating phenomenal apps based on ideas they started in their creative and talented minds.

Many kids have already created influential and useful apps that are changing the world. In this article we published a few months ago we mentioned a few amazing examples of children who created extraordinary apps because they wanted to change the world.

Fighting bullying, creating a friendlier world for the disabled, or creating apps full of mind-challenges are only a few examples. By giving your kids the right tools, be ready for them to surprise you with what they can do when applying them.

Your kids can create a social media platform

Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t have created Facebook with only the big fat goal of connecting the world. In order to turn this ambition into reality, coding and programming were required.

Today, many are the platforms where we, and where our children, interact. Every day these social connection spaces are becoming more intuitive and less artificial; all of this through algorithms that allow these platforms to get to know us a bit better.

When your children join one of our online courses, you cannot know what their next steps in the fields of creativity and innovation are going to be. Kids that were born into this digital world are ready to take it into their hands and to turn it into something even more intuitive, user-friendly and connected. One of our online coding courses can assist them to do this.

Let them build their very own space for likes, shares, loves, or whatever they invent. You can now provide them with the wings they need to reach new, higher heights.

Coding can help them create a song

So coding and music? Indeed! There are many similarities between music and coding. We’ve been hearing this for years. Neuro-scientific research assures us that music assists and helps skill development in language, processing, perception, literacy, mathematics and many other areas.

Getting a few musical instruments for your kids to experiment with can add a new, different dimension to your home that could also help your kids develop other areas of their brains and get useful skills for their future as well as ours.
The skills mentioned above, together with critical-thinking, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork, can be given to your kids through a coding course. Recent studies show that coding isn’t only a field where kids can develop these skills, but that it will also be necessary to guarantee their success.
So we invite you to enroll your kids to a coding course, and in the meantime, to encourage them to compose their very first songs. What do you say?

Your kids could program a robot

Robotics is an extraordinary way to introduce your kids into the coding world. Think of all of the devices you have in your own home that could be considered robots and how your children could learn how to optimize this field, and how to develop it further.

A few weeks ago we wrote about the perfect mix of coding and robotics, and its multiple benefits in our children’s learning processes.

By learning how to program a robot, kids won’t only be able to participate in amazing competitions like FLL or FRC, but they will also be getting ready to face a future where robots will be taking the places of many things we currently use.

Through coding, your kids can create their future

We don’t want to alarm you, but we have no idea what the future will look like. We do know however which tools the new generations will need in order to succeed in this unknown modern future.

Unlike what most of you might think, coding goes beyond math, formulae, and science. Coding is a field where its learners develop and strengthen skills and abilities that can help them deal with hundreds of everyday situations.

Let’s think for a minute about the elements we need to plan our future: We’ll need to be creative and to find new, innovative ways to solve problems, right? Also, we need to think assertively and critically to be able to identify potentially good or incorrect paths. Besides all of this, we must learn how to work in teams in order to succeed in a social world full of people.

Do you know which field can provide your kids with all of the elements mentioned above? You guessed it right! Coding can.

Are you ready to let your kids discover how this world works?

Coding is everywhere, as simple as that. Our world and the way it works is changing in a fast, dynamic way, and some fields are here to give our children all the abilities, tools and strategies they’ll need to make peace with these dynamic changes and to make it theirs.

We invite you to think about possible paths for your children to discover how this new world works, and to encourage them to actively participate in the creation of it. One of our online coding courses can help you achieve this goal, give it a try.


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