3 things your kids are doing in their free time

It is unavoidable! Your kids will close their doors. Since our imagination can, sometimes, be our worst enemy, we want to mention some of the things they might be doing within their caves in order to give you a relief.

Indeed, they might be getting a lot of screen time or talking for hours with people they already know or with people they met through social media, but when parents take action to avoid problems or issues, these items might actually give your children a very relevant skill-set.

Coding and programming are everywhere, and without you or even them knowing it, while they are doing all of these activities with their door closed, they will be receiving and developing a relevant set of tools that will enable them to succeed in the 21st century.

Way too much screen time – Can it be a good thing?

Yes, you’re right. Most likely, when you ask your kids to turn off their smartphones and go to sleep, they are staying up for a few more hours (ok, minutes) in front of the screen. But is this actually a bad thing?

Technology is taking over everything, and your kids know it. There is a big possibility that the screen time they are getting might translate into kids with a set of skills and tools to use in the near future. By interacting more and more with apps and technology, they understand better how this new, digital world works. Therefore, this willingness to learn and actively participate in our world development cannot end here.

Offer them the possibility to use this screen time while learning how to code, and with that, how to lead tomorrow’s world. Let yourself be surprised with the results!

A world of likes and shares – They are not turning their phones off when you ask them to

As Vygotsky said a few decades ago, we live in a world where the focus is and should be social interaction. He developed an educational model based on these theories and proposed a new way to teach, where the motivations of each individual and the social interaction between them are the most important thing.

If we take a look at the social media platforms our kids use, we can see that social interaction is always present. And again, if we approach this interaction from an educational and Vygotskian point of view, we see that it can actually give our kids lots of tools that can give them the tools they need to succeed.

Some people were born in the time of the radio, others in the TV era, and some in the first appearance of the internet. Your kids were born into a totally connected world. A world of likes and shares. A world where they can “travel” without leaving their desk.

Let them understand how this new world is built, join them on this path! Having them socialize through their small devices might turn into a great thing.

There is something you can do about it: Let them create the apps they’ll use

You know what’s most likely happening in their free time because you know your kids. Also, after we mentioned it here, you now know the benefits of some these activities, if you take the necessary precautions.

By offering them the chance to be part of an online coding course, you will get to be part of their amazing learning processes and to enjoy each step they take on their breathtaking path to success, creativity and uniqueness. Are you ready to see the spectacular apps your kids can create? Are you ready for your kids to create the apps other kids will use in their free time?

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