5 tips and tricks for
YouTuber kids

Fame is just around the corner. Your kids love watching YouTube videos to learn more about different aspects of life. What used to be the television effect when we were younger is now focused on video platforms and applications. The TV kingdom has been taken away and now YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are wearing the crown.

There are several YouTube channels that appear to educate our younger fellows, so not everything is chaos on Google’s video platform. Thousands of kids see YouTube as the opportunity of a lifetime to express themselves, gain more self-confidence, increase their self-esteem levels and have an internationally known stage presence to talk about whatever they love the most.

But the life of a YouTuber isn’t a bed of roses. To succeed on this video platform as a kid there are a lot of things they have to do. Not every kid manages to succeed when opening a channel on YouTube, and in most cases, that is because they don’t follow a number of very simple instructions; or because they haven’t learned all the tips and tricks they need to curate, create, edit, and upload content.

A few months ago, we wrote an article where we explained how to become famous on YouTube as a kid, and ever since, our readers have been asking us for another blog post on the same line, to receive even more tips they can give their children.

Do your kids want to increase their amount of subscribers? Your children want to professionalize their YouTube videos or the content they upload to their audiovisual-related social media? Maybe your kid wants to do an outstanding video for an online class?

Well, in just a few moments you’ll receive 5 tips for YouTuber kids! Ready? Here we go…

More tips to have success on YouTube

We want to add some more to the tips we gave you in the previous version of this article. Why? To assure your kids’ success on this competitive video sharing platform.

Don’t forget that sometimes, kids need more than just good intentions, and that their natural talent can always be boosted if they enroll themselves in a course in which some well-trained instructors teach them the hows, whens, and whys of YouTube success.

That being said, take a look at these 5 tips and let the magic begin.

1. Speak about your passions

As we’ve mentioned before, the key is to speak about something your kids truly love. If they don’t it will be a bit harder to draw out their charisma so they can speak to their audiences and followers from the bottom of their hearts.

The most successful YouTube channels owned by kids have one main thing in common: All of them speak about their passions, or about something they deeply love doing. If your children are fans of chess, encourage them to create a YouTube channel about the most amazing chess moves, to enlighten other kids around the world!

Wouldn’t that be cool?

2. Have good equipment

This is a part many parents don’t like that much because it costs money. True, but no one likes to watch a pixelated video on YouTube or a camera that is not up to today’s standard of technology. It is important to have a good camera, good equipment for lighting, and even a great sound system for microphones.

But not only that! It is also very important to have a good enough computer and software to edit all of the materials. Editing is not a piece of cake, but it is very, very fun, and your children can learn how to do so in one of Tekkie Uni’s online courses.

3. Talk to others. Build partnerships!

To conquer the world, your kids will need more than just themselves. An important part of succeeding on YouTube is being capable of building strong and bold relationships with others who can turn into partners of their success.

If there are other children’s YouTube channels talking about similar subjects to the one your kid loves, it would be an interesting idea to do something together. On the other hand, if your kids have a YouTube channel about sports, why don’t they reach out to big sports-related brands? Maybe they’ll gain a sponsorship that will make everything easier and smoother for them.

4. Feel free to express yourself

Encourage your kids to feel free to express themselves freely without taking into account the opinions coming from haters. Let them know that there is always going to be criticism, but if we take that criticism from a constructive perspective, we can only become better.

An important part of success, both on YouTube and in life in general, is being able to express ourselves clearly and freely. Building a YouTube channel can definitely help your kids fulfill their maximum potential, when it comes to self-expression.

5. Follow your heart and take stats into consideration

Even if your children are talking about things they love, and even if they have the best equipment ever, nothing is going to be relevant if they don’t take a deep look into the statistics of their YouTube channel. These numbers will show them what kind of content is actually working, who are the people watching their videos, and how much time did they spend on each video that was uploaded.

It is true, we must follow our hearts, but if we do so while understanding the statistics, success will be much closer than we think.

Learn from the bests. Get the ultimate tools!

Today, your children can learn from the best professionals out there. Now, it is possible to be part of a class in which your kids will receive all the tools and knowledge they need to create, produce, edit and upload their videos to YouTube.

In a safe, engaging and enjoyable learning environment your children will learn from well-trained instructors everything they need to know. Through hands-on learning, your kids will start creating and strengthening their 21st-century skills from the very beginning.

Are you ready to give them the ultimate tools they need? The time is now!


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