Top 6 courses you and your kids can do online

One of the multiple benefits of technological advances is that information is easily accessible. With devices that fit in the palm of our hands, the power of the internet enables us to access knowledge in seconds.

Nowadays, there are thousands of online courses available for adults and kids covering a wide variety of topics. These courses are testament to the fact that the educational paradigm is changing. The democratization of knowledge has led to the changing face of education. Information has become a right and we can all demand and benefit from it.

It is very easy to find a course online in almost any subject you can imagine. Courses for kids that go from how to become successful on YouTube, to others for adults that can even teach you the best culinary techniques for pastries. All this information is only a few clicks away.

While Tekkie Uni focuses on educating children in a variety of skills, we don’t want to leave the parents behind! Below we share three easy-to-learn courses for parents and kids respectively.

Great online courses for kids and adults

Can you imagine yourself getting a diploma from one of the most prestigious universities in the world? Well, thanks to the horizontal hierarchies the internet has created, that is not only possible but also accessible.

As for your kids, can you picture a learning environment in which your children can strengthen must-have 21st-century workplace skills learning in a fun, non-traditional way? All of this is a possibility, and offering the gift of education to your children is much easier than you might have thought.

Online courses for you

Check out these three online courses available for adults. All of them in the fields of coding and programming. Why? Because we truly believe that tomorrow’s world is walking in that direction. Check them out!


Codecademy, an initiative being led by CEO Zach Sims, is a North American online interactive platform that offers numerous free coding classes in 12 different programming languages. There are more than 700 programming languages out there, but Codecademy offers the most popular ones.

If you want to learn how to code in a fast, simple way. Check out the courses Codecademy has for adults.

Python for everybody

Offered by the University of Michigan, and available in the Coursera platform, this great course will teach you how to program and Analyze Data with the programming language Python. You will develop programs to gather, clean, analyze, and visualize data.

At the end of this course, as in almost every course in Coursera, you will receive a certificate on your successful completion which will you give you a professional career boost.

Introduction to the Internet of Things

We have discussed the topic of the Internet of Things several times in the past, and the technologies built for that industry are getting every single day more impactful and innovative than ever before.

This course from Curtin University is available on edX. During this course, you will gain an understanding of what the IoT is and the requirements to design your very own IoT innovations for your field of work.

For your children

We are fortunate to be able to glimpse parts of the future – something we were not privy to 20 years ago. We have ideas of how the workplace will change. This enables us to, at least partially, steer our children to learn a variety of hard and soft skills they will need. These include aspects like online team-collaboration, working in multi-cultural environments, critical thinking, fixing mistakes and being able to seek out creative solutions.

App Development for Kids

In this app development course, students create their own games and apps – learning essential tools, developing their skills and building confidence. They will strengthen their computational thinking skills, their innovative thinking skills and their project building abilities… All of this while having fun!

Robotics for Kids

Robotics are the future. They are much more than just the amazing robotics competitions your kids can join and participate in. Robotics are way more than that, and the skills your kids can get while learning with them are countless.

In this robotics course for kids, your kids will need all about sensor allocation, basic programming, and database usage while coding virtual 3D robots in an engaging online environment, making this an easy, efficient and exciting way to learn both coding and robotics!

Animation for Kids

Just in case you didn’t know, coding and animation are deeply intertwined. While learning animation, your kids will not only strengthen some essential skills for their future, but they will also increase their self-esteem and self-expression levels.

In this online animation course, your children will become problem solvers and creative thinkers. Why? Because the online course combines the fun of creating animated videos and the learning of some basic concepts of animation.

Begin today. Coding is just around the corner.

Do you see? Learning how to code is easy, engaging and accessible! Both for you and your kids. These online courses we just showed you are just a few of the millions of courses you can find online.

If you think it is time for you and your children to learn how to program, animate or code virtual robots, take a deeper look at the online courses we just showed you. Believe us, you won’t regret it.


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