Please feel free to browse through the following questions. Our customer support representatives’ most commonly asked questions are answered below.

Class Schedule FAQ

  • When does my class start?

    The full schedule will be sent to you by email two weeks before the semester starts. It will be also available for you on the Course page.

  • Can I change the time of my class?

    You can change your schedule easily right now if you received your schedule recently and during the first 4 weeks of the semester by clicking here.
    Otherwise, you can contact the Customer Care Team by opening a ticket at the bottom of this page.

  • Can I change the time of my class for one week only?

    Every class has its own pace and its own dynamic with the teacher and students and according to that also a different pace. That’s why it’s recommended not to change the time of the class for one week only and watch the recording on the Course page.

  • What is the time zone that is shown in My Course tab?

    The time zone that is used in the Course page is updated for your local time zone. If the time zone is not updated correctly, please let us know by opening a ticket at the bottom of this page.

  • How do I know the vacations schedule for the class?

    You can find the vacations schedule of your course on the Course page.

  • Do the Daylight Saving Times (DST) changes affect the time of my class?

    Since we are following and updating the schedules according to DST changes all over the world, there might be permanent or temporary changes in the time of your class. Information about the changes will appear under the Schedule tab on your Course page.

  • What is the After School Hour?

    The After School Hour is an extra hour, for asking questions and practicing what you’ve studied in the main lesson. The After School Hour is open to all of the students at your level, so it’s recommended to be active and come with questions to that class. You can find the schedule of it under the schedule tab in the Course Page (Those classes are recorded as well).

  • Why didn't I get any information about my class schedule?

    It might be that your class starts in more than 2 weeks and the full schedule wasn’t finalized yet since we still have students signing up to the classes. Two weeks before the class starts the full schedule will be sent to you by email to confirm and will appear in the Course page as well.

  • How do I schedule the first lesson with the teacher (for private lessons only)?

    You can contact the teacher by email and send your preferred times to have a lesson.

Class Level FAQ

  • My class is too hard/easy for me. Can I change it?

    Yes. You can contact the Customer Care team by opening a ticket at the bottom of this page.
    You might need to fill in a level test so we can check which level will be best for you.

  • Can I try a different class?

    Yes, you could contact the Customer Care team by opening a ticket at the bottom of this page and ask for a recording of a different class/level with the same/different teacher. The recordings will be available to you for a week so you can make your mind up.

  • Do I need to do a level test before the class starts?

    No, you don’t have to do a level test before the class start. If you are a beginner, there is no need. If you are assigned to a higher level – you can check to make sure it’s right for you, but that’s also not mandatory. You can change the class also after the course starts.

New Orders FAQ

  • I purchased a learning accessory. When will I get it?

    You can find all the information about the shipment, the tracking number and the status of the delivery in the Billing tab within your online Student Locker, click here to login and access your information.

  • My address has been changed. How can I update it?

    You can update your address in your Student’s Profile.

  • What kind of post office do you use to send your packages?

    We are using International Registered Air Mail, and in every country and region, it’s handled by a different company/post office. Most likely it will be processed in the largest post office, such as USPS in the states

  • What is the estimated arrival time for my package?

    The estimated arrival time is between 10 to 20 business days.

  • Where can I find more learning accessories to help me with the studies?

    If you would like to hear more about our learning accessories, you can contact the Customer Care Team by opening a ticket at the bottom of this page or you can also visit our Online Store.

Absence From Lesson FAQ

  • What do I do if I can't attend a lesson?

    If you can’t attend a lesson, the best way to catch up with the class is to watch the recording of the class in the Course page and email the teacher with questions if there is something that is not clear.

  • How many classes can I miss?

    It’s recommended to attend most of the lessons – but still, all of the classes are recorded and there is an option to catch up with those in the Course page.

  • What happens if I don't attend the private lesson (for private lessons only)?

    According to our terms, if you can’t attend a private lesson the instructor should be notified at least 12 hours in advance, and thus it won’t be deducted from your private lessons package.

  • How can I contact my teacher?

    You may contact your teacher by clicking on their name at the top of the relevant Course page.

  • I've missed too many classes, what should I do?

    We recommend catching up on missed classes through the convenient recordings feature available to our students, simply select the “Recordings” tab in the relevant Course page. If you feel you need to restart your course contact us by opening a ticket at the bottom of this page and we will gladly assist with re-enrollment.

Recorded Lessons FAQ

  • Where can I find the recorded lessons of my class?

    The recorded lessons are available under the Recordings tab on the Course page.

  • Will I have the recordings after the course ends?

    In the Course page, you have all of your class’ recorded lessons, and they are available to you for one year after the semester ends.

  • I can't watch the recording. What do I do?

    Class recordings are usually available within 2 hours.
    Our system starts recording the classroom before it’s scheduled time. In case you see the following message on the screen: “There is no content to view at the moment…” do not worry! It means that the recording has started before the lesson, so just fast-forward until you see the lesson presentation.

  • How long after the lesson will the recording appear?

    The recording is being uploaded around 2 hours after the end of the lesson, under the Recordings tab in the Course page.

Audio Problems FAQ

  • How do I plug the headset to my computer?

    It is recommended to plug the headset to the soundcard panel located at the back of the computer and not at the front!

    – Plug the black or green colored jack to the green socket
    – Plug the red colored jack to the red socket.

  • How do I test audio in a WebEx class?

    First, Plug in your headset and put it on, then go to the Audio menu on top -> “Computer Audio Settings”. The audio Test window is divided into 2 parts –


    Speaker test:
    – Select the correct device from the list and then click TEST to listen to an audio clip and adjust the volume to your listening comfort.


    Microphone test:
    – Select the correct device from the list, speak into your microphone and check if you see a movement on the bottom volume scale.


  • I can't hear in the WebEx class. What do I need to do?

    Make sure your headset is properly plugged in. Unplug it, then plug it back in.


    Still can’t hear? Leave the voice conference by closing the Webex and entering again.
    If the audio conference did not start automatically, click on “Connect to Audio” in the Quick Start tab, or by going into Audio->Integrated Voice Conference->Join Conference and make sure to select the correct device in the Computer Audio Settings.

  • How do I test audio in a Zoom class?

    First, Plug in your headset and put it on, once you join a session in Zoom, a “testing speaker” screen will automatically appear to confirm your device and if you’re hearing the tone.



    After that, you will be requested to select and test the correct microphone


  • I can't hear in the Zoom class. What do I need to do?

    Make sure your headset is properly plugged in. Unplug it, then plug it back in.

    Still can’t hear? Close the software and join again, make sure the correct audio device is selected in the Settings.

Payments And Terms FAQ

  • Where can I find my purchasing confirmations and billing history?

    You can find all the details about your courses, payments & other purchases history in the Billing tab.

  • What is my current payment plan and how can I change it?

    You can find details about your payment plan in the Billing tab. In order to change it, you can contact our Customer Care team by opening a ticket at the bottom of this page.

  • Where can I find the Terms and Conditions policy of my course?

    You can find the full details for your course’s Terms and Conditions by clicking in “Contract Details” in the Billing tab. If you are facing any difficulty at all we would like to hear about it – Let us know and we will do our utmost to find a convenient solution for you.

  • Where can I find receipts and invoices of my courses?

    You can find the receipts & invoices for any of your purchases by clicking on the icons in the Billing tab below the relevant course names or study material purchases.
    Specific course payment receipts are found in the ‘My Payments’ section