Jobs of the future:
What will our kids do for a living?

The world is changing, and with it, the way in which we interact with each other is evolving, together with technology and with the new paradigms of communication and education. Nowadays, society needs different things from us than what it needed from our ancestors, and it will require our children different skills than the ones it now requires from us.

We don’t want to alarm you, but it is known that the robot automation process will replace over 800 million people in their jobs by 2030. But, what can we do today to still be relevant by then? And, what kind of tools should our children receive to have a successful career path in the near future? Is there a ranking of the best careers for the future?

Future jobs are going to need people who are more prepared. People who have well developed 21st-century skills, who can think critically, solve problems, think creatively, have leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and algorithmic thinking. These, among others, are the most in-demand skills for the future.

But, besides the skills we all know our students should develop, what are the actual professions of the future? What can our kids learn today to be ready to face a future we don’t know a lot about? Well, they can begin by learning how to code.

Coding is way more than just creating an app of their own, or programming a robot. Coding is a way of thinking, it is the optimal path to follow in order to be ready for what’s coming up. By learning how to code, your children will land in their future work as genuine champions.

Now, what are the jobs of the future, and what types of jobs will be there in a few decades from now? We are going to try and answer all of these questions in the next paragraphs. Keep in mind that things constantly change, that our world is an ongoing evolution, and that anything we say today could be different or adjustable in a few years from now.

If you have some insight regarding the best skills to learn for the future, or the top careers of the next decade, we encourage you to post your thoughts in the comments below!

Are you ready to have a sneak peek into your kids’ future jobs? Let’s begin!

What are the jobs of the future?

First of all, we must imagine a world we just don’t know yet. In order to describe the future jobs our kids will have, or the best skills to learn for the future, we should understand that there is not much information about what the future will really look like.

What we do know, is that our children must be prepared to face the challenges this unknown future will bring with it. It is not really about automation and the future of jobs, but about the abilities and dexterities our children will have to strengthen to succeed in whatever scenario they face in a few years from now.

But, what are the jobs of the future? We could easily think about the robotics field, and how important it is for our kids to learn how to program robots. Another field that comes to mind is coding and app development, because as you know kids love playing with their apps, but at some point, today’s kids will have to build apps for others to play with. So, yes… coding appears to be a master field, but there are other professions of the future that are extremely interesting, and you need to hear all about them.

In simple words, the jobs of the future are those that are going to fit a society that has a flatter and more horizontal hierarchy, where education is understood as a process of social interaction, and those that offer society what it really needs. The jobs of the future will solve needs that we don’t have yet, and that most certainly, our ancestors didn’t have either.

In case you didn’t know, we are now in the middle of the 4th industrial revolution, where the broad field of the Internet of Things plays a transcendental role. Therefore, the skills our children must learn to succeed are different than the ones we learned, and the requirements of the workforce will also adjust to a society like the one we described before.

The jobs of the future are the ones only humans will be able to do, as we’ve said before (without the intention of alarming you), anything that can be done by robots, automated processes or machines, will no longer be done by people. The good news is, someone has to program, create and think of those robots’ designs, right? That person can be your kid!

Some examples of future professions

You have been asking us for real examples of future professions, so here we bring you a list of future jobs your children might end up doing. Remember, the skills they can gain from learning how to code will help them think differently and perform amazingly well both in these professions we are going to share, and in more artistic ones like acting, dancing, or crafting.

We just want to remind you that coding is a way of thinking, and regardless of the career path your kids decide on for themselves, it is going to help them become more relevant candidates for whatever future job they apply to.

Some jobs of the future your kids might have

  • Personal Data Broker
  • Cyber Analyst
  • Alternative Energy Engineer
  • Digital Tailor
  • Internet of Things Consultant
  • Augmented Reality Creator
  • Voice UX Designer
  • Digital Actor
  • Augmented Reality Artist
  • Virtual Reality Coder
  • Smart Homes Designer and Architect
  • Ministry of Digital Ventures
  • Experiential Chef
  • Creator of Digital Health Solutions
  • Internet content creator
  • YouTuber
  • Robot Trainer

As you can see, the jobs of the future are very different than the ones your grandparents had, or to those dreams of stereotypical mothers who wanted to have doctors and lawyers as sons and daughters.

All of the future professions we mentioned here are aligned with the requirements of tomorrow’s world. You already know the importance of data, and how fundamental it will be to analyze new cyber technologies. You also are aware of how transcendental alternative energies are and how much good they can bring to the world. We’ve mentioned in the past how smart houses and the internet of things are going to revolutionize the way in which we interact with our family and our houses.

On the other hand, we must take into consideration the multiple platforms kids have today to share content, and the numerous ones that will appear in the near future. Therefore, we must offer our kids the space to express themselves and to share with the world all the messages they want. Today, thanks to YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sharing platforms, any child can become the next Jay Leno or the next Don Francisco.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are also fields that, believe it or not, are still in diapers. Can you imagine the spectacular things your kids could create for the augmented reality industry when this technology progresses a tiny bit more and when they have even more tools to create? Let them surprise the world with their ideas. Because in the jobs of the future, any idea they have, could become a breathtaking reality.

The one thing you must take into consideration as a parent, is to give them the best skills to learn for the future. When your children strengthen these skills they’ll for sure land or even create the top future jobs smoothly and easily. Want to hear more about the skills they need for future jobs? Let’s go!

What skills will your kids need for the jobs of the future?

There are several skills your kids will have to strengthen to succeed in the top future jobs, and even to understand which ones are the best degrees to get for the future. In the past, we’ve talked about 21st-century skills many times, and we’ve told you that by learning how to program your children will strengthen their critical thinking, leadership skills, problem-solving abilities and algorithmic thinking.

But, which other skills will your kids need to succeed in the automation era? Well, they’ll have to develop strong creative thinking in order to come up with unique and numerous solutions to solve everyday issues. Together with that, they must develop their patience to understand that things take time and that every little thing they struggle with has another solution.

The question now is how can your kids develop these skills? Well, you can enroll them in an open, safe, fun, live and engaging online coding course. Besides that, there are tons of STEM activities you can do at home to help them gain these important abilities, and a number of cool Montessori activities that are highly helpful when strengthening their critical and creative thinking.

The resources and tools for your kids to land the top jobs of the future are just around the corner. Now, it is up to you to make sure they use them in their favor. Are you ready to see them succeed?


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