4 Unique Quotes That Will Inspire Your Kids

After completing a big project, one could say there’s a strong feeling of accomplishment that comes afterward. But what about the days that we need more motivation? Or the times when we have to push ourselves even harder than usual just to make it through the day? Every person has moments where they need just a bit more incentive to yield the results they want to see, and we’re here to help.

Whether your kid is working hard on a math problem that they just can’t seem to figure out, or they’re having a tough day, it gets more and more difficult to maintain a positive outlook. It takes a lot of strength to stay driven, especially when learning new things. That’s why we’ve compiled some important quotes for your kids to refer back to for inspiration whenever the going gets tough.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Trying new things can be scary and unfamiliar, considering we usually stick to what’s comfortable. This quote reminds us that we shouldn’t be afraid to fail because we just might succeed. The subject of coding or making your own app can sound intimidating at first but encouraging your kid to try something new even if it sounds scary can help build their confidence and help them learn skills for the future.

“It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Some of the most amazing things are products of passion. People’s passions are what drive them to achieve greatness. Whether your kid loves playing soccer or building his or her very own app, this quote conveys that we can perform at our best when doing what we love. Participating in something you are passionate about will produce great results because of the original love and intention behind it.

“Quitting because you don’t want to be uncomfortable will prevent you from growing.” – Amy Morin

The best things in life are sometimes the hardest things to work for. Persistence is a virtue that promotes achieving a goal, regardless of circumstances or feelings. When someone quits doing something simply because they don’t like it, it extinguishes inner momentum for completing a task. Persistence is important because it emphasizes the idea of finishing what you started, knowing that the best results are not the ones that come easily.

For example, your kid gets frustrated about a particular coding assignment because they have tried many different ways to solve a problem, but none have worked. If they quit, the chances of success disappear. Giving up will never allow us to know what light would have come at the end of the tunnel because we stopped working to achieve our goals. In our coding courses, we encourage your children to persevere and to view every mistake as a learning experience.

“Creativity is not talent but attitude.” – Jenova Chen

We have all hit a mental roadblock in our lives at one point or another. While brainstorming, working, creating, or writing, sometimes we just can’t get our ideas to translate into our lives as smoothly as we hoped for. Although this does not mean that the ideas aren’t there, because we know they are. It doesn’t take a special talent to be creative, but instead, it comes from something unique within us. We can feel comfortable with the fact that no one in the world has the exact same brain as us, therefore our ideas are inevitably distinguished from others. So really any idea is a worthy idea, and every idea deserves attention. In any situation, it is important to act on your ideas and give a project or assignment all that you can. With a positive attitude and your unique brain, that one little thought might be the home run you’ve been waiting for.

With these quotes, we hope your kid will remember to stay motivated and practice important skills when completing projects, assignments, or activities. Let them experience what it’s like to code and encourage them to have fun doing it! Passion will eventually lead them to success and so will determination.

Let your children be the ones inspiring others!

Inspire your kids each and every day with our live, online courses and allow your kid to strengthen their 21st-century skills. It’s beneficial to remind them that not everything comes easy, but if they stick to their endeavors and have fun, they can stay motivated and educated. If you inspire them they will continue to inspire others!


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