Develop problem solving skills by thinking like a programmer: Here’s how!

We’ve said on multiple occasions that coding is so much more than just the development of an app, software, or a video game. If you are an attentive reader of our blog, you already know the numerous benefits kids can get when creating their very own app, or when planning and editing the creative videos they’re going to upload to their own YouTube channels. But at this opportunity, we want to take this subject one step further…

Problem-solving is one of the most important and required skills in the current workforce, and it will only become more necessary in the future. Companies and organizations in all industries are looking for people who can both think like a programmer and solve problems by applying critical thinking and creativity.

But, how can we make sure our children receive the right tools today, in order to be that kind of person tomorrow? And, what does it mean to “think like a programmer” if my children are more into arts or the humanities?

Thinking like a programmer is, somehow, thinking in an ongoing way of how to innovate, how to make things better, how to make processes shorter, and how to analyze everything from a creative and constructive perception.

As you might already suspect, problem-solving is highly related to the ability to think like a programmer. If your kids comprehend at an early age how programmers think and start implementing this mindset into their everyday lives, regardless of the areas and subjects they love the most, they will, almost instantly, become better problem solvers and even get some intrinsic leadership characteristics to carry with them along the way.

Incorporating the programmers’ mindset is not a hard task; your children can start by understanding a simple definition of an algorithm, by playing some cool STEM activities at home, or even by joining one of the prestigious online live coding classes offered by Tekkie Uni. Becoming a problem solver is just around the corner and your children can enjoy all of its benefits… Sounds like an opportunity you wouldn’t ignore, right?

Now, let’s see how you can help your kids think like programmers, how they can incorporate the programmers’ mindset and how your children can improve their problem-solving skills. Ready? Let’s go!

How to improve your kids’ problem-solving skills

You already know how important it is for your kids to strengthen their problem-solving skills. The question now is how to do so. We want you to keep calm, since there are numerous ways to achieve this goal, and multiple activities you can easily do at home for your kids to become exceptional problem solvers.

Actually, the most important point here is: helping your kids understand that there are several paths they can choose to solve the same problem. Each problem they face or might face, has hundreds of potential solutions. Knowing this, but truly knowing it, decreases their chances of being frustrated, and increases their self-confidence and self-esteem.

You might laugh at this solution, but in some way, even video games can be helpful. Have you ever heard about Minecraft Modding, for example? Minecraft Mods are changes and adjustments players can make to the actual game to make it more interesting, challenging and encouraging. When your children understand that if there is something they don’t like, it can be adjusted or even changed, they’ll comprehend that anything is possible, and that any problem is fixable.

On the other hand, we have STEM activities. STEM is a field of study that was built and designed to turn learners into practical problem solvers. Therefore, if you encourage your kids to do one or a few of the STEM activities we present in this article we published not so long ago, they’ll begin to see how programmers think, and how they should act if they want to become recognizable problem solvers. These STEM activities will open their minds to new possibilities and will enable them to discover the multiple paths they can take to solve a specific problem they might be facing.

Last but not least, coding can help. Yes, of course coding can help. If your kids learn how to code, they’ll get multiple 21st-century skills that will put them on the right track to becoming true problem solvers. Can you imagine your children developing an app of their own from scratch? Or maybe designing a fun game they can afterward share with their friends and classmates? Well, throughout the process, they will have to face many challenges and problems, they’ll have to think about creative solutions, innovative answers, and unique ways to continue their work.

In the online courses offered by Tekkie Uni, your kids won’t only get this, but they will also receive the praiseworthy support of well-trained instructors who will accompany them along the way, always encouraging them to become the best version of themselves.

Why is problem-solving so important for programmers?

A simple answer to a simple question: Because coding (or programming) is more than just that, and it is a way of thinking. Not all programmers dedicate their lives to programming or developing applications. Many programmers are new, working in fields that are not even close to technology. But, what does this mean? Well, it means that coding and problem-solving are related in a bidirectional way.

How? Let’s see… Through coding, through creating an app, or even through offline and stimulating activities you can do at home, your kids can strengthen their ability to solve problems. But also, they won’t be able to be fully successful programmers if this skill isn’t strong enough.

That is exactly why we are advocates of hands-on learning. There is tons of evidence that hands-on learning helps learners successfully drive through this bidirectional road, and in the specific case we are talking about now, become problem solvers while coding, and coding while becoming problem solvers.

But, why is it that problem solving so important for coding? Because agility, effectiveness and innovation are three things coders will have to apply in everything they do; When understanding the users of whatever they are creating, when designing the desired user experience, and even when turning their idea into concrete reality. Problem-solving means focusing on the solution rather than in the problem itself, and in coding this is extremely necessary.

Now, agility, effectiveness and innovation, which are connected to problem-solving, are three skills that will be useful for your kids, no matter which industry or field they decide to focus on, or which career path they choose for themselves.

Thinking like a programmer. Achieving goals.

Solving problems and thinking like a programmer have several benefits for your children, but there is one main perk and profit we would like to discuss in more depth: achieving their goals.

There’s no discussion, being an achiever is an undeniable benefit. If your children know (or learn) how to set up their general and specific goals, in order to design a strong strategy that, through creative and innovative tactics, will drive them to the phenomenal feeling of success that achieving those goals brings, then… you will be raising an independent, successful, and confident human being.

Thinking like a programmer and, therefore, being able to solve problems, will teach your kids the huge value of finishing their projects, taking them to a successful end, and achieving their goals. Actually, this whole process will nurture your kids with high levels of self-esteem and self-confidence, letting them know that anything they might have in mind, and any project they can think of is doable.

Think about it in the following way: First, your children come home with a brilliant idea that no one ever thought about before. Can you imagine the feeling they will have when they see that idea becoming a reality everyone talks about? Can you imagine how encouraged they will be to solve all the problems they might find on their way, just to see their praiseworthy idea becoming an actual thing?

In short: “How can problem-solving help my kids in the future”?

If you worry about your kids’ feeling of completion and success, coding is here to give you (and them) a hand. Let them experience how it feels to learn by doing, and enable them to become the amazing creators they have always been.

In summary: Thinking like a programmer will teach your children how to solve problems. Solving problems will enable your kids to achieve their goals. Achieving their goals will give them strength, self-esteem, useful tools, and self-confidence. All of the things just mentioned, will turn your kids into the leaders of tomorrow’s world. Yes, it is that easy!

Strengthening their problem-solving skills by learning how to code!

So what do you have to do first? Well, the first step is to know what your children want. Get to know them, discover their deepest motivations and their life goals. Understand from your conversations with your children if they love agriculture, if they maybe are amazing gamers, if they are into robotics, or if they want to change the world by creating an impactful social action initiative.

Knowing your children is key to deciding what kind of activity you can do with them, for them to become problem solvers. As we’ve said before, there are numerous ways to achieve that goal, so don’t panic… everything is achievable!

What we can truly recommend, regardless of your kids’ hobbies, is coding. When your children learn how to code, any interest or hobby they might have, gains more power and interest, since they’ll comprehend the breathtaking things they could do within that specific field.

Let your children do, let your children practice, enable them to become the best version of themselves by giving their ideas all the attention and resources they need. Enroll your little ones in one of the many live online coding courses for kids that Tekkie Uni offers and be amazed by their fast progress, their – soon to appear- capacity to solve problems, and the shape of their extraordinary ideas and projects.

It is up to you. What are you waiting for?


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